Poems by
Aboobacker C P

The Deer

a poem by Aboobacker C P

Be a deer
Run like a star
Days and nights
Remain thou young.
Bite the buds
Strengthen thy softness
Spread thy horns
To the peaks of love
Then be thyself.

Be a sapling
Tall thou rise
High thou creep
Buds and buds and buds
Invite the deer herds
Running in wilderness,
Be a sapling.
Be a melody
On a lute or harp,
In a stream or lake,
And be a dance.
Be a prayer too,
Be a blissful peace,
Be a slogan in struggle,
Be a melody.
Be a string of lute
Be the praise gods
Be the law of life
And decide the course of time
Change it into a harmony,
Be a string of lute.
Be a loaf of bread
Be hunger and wisdom.
Be food to poet the beggar
Be victim to shooter the hunter
Be a pregnant fragrance
Be a sprinkle of nectar
Be thyself, be a deer,
Be a melody, a sapling,
Be a string of lute,
Be thy own entity.