Poems by
Abhinav Vinayakh Shankar

The Saving Grace

a poem by Abhinav Vinayakh Shankar

I wait,
day and night.
In the noon- The sun, bright
In the night- The moonlight
I wait.

I wait,
left and right
I search and wait
yet no light.
I shout your name
beautiful dame,
till I am hoarse,
My voice no more than a moan.
Silently, I wait.

I wait,
throat parched
back arched,
hallucinations around every corner,
I see stars and checks.
Your pheromones still fresh in memory,
kicking me on
Not sure what burns in me
the contents of the empty bottle
or you- my hearts content.
Unknown to me.
I wait.

I wait,
Knowing you’re mine.
Yet I whine
for that elusive sign- a glimmer of hope.
Your mesmerising smile,
makes me do another mile
I trudge on and
While I wait,
my body and brain beg to relent
the heart rules unrelenting.
You’ve always brought out the fighter in me.

There is lightning and then thunder
Why I refuse to run, I wonder, even in the pitter-patter
unknown, unshaken, unmoved and unwilling
I wait even in the rain
knowing it will be in vain
For- your taste still lingers…
Lovely love