Poems by
Abhimanyu Tiwary

Do you Love me?

a poem by Abhimanyu Tiwary

You love me…
You love me not…
Shuttling thoughts wanna settle
But who would assert???
Only you!!!

Shall I believe you
You love me the most
You multiply my happiness
You divide my agonies
But your maths is poor
Who may judge?
Only me!!

Shall I believe me
If you don’t hate me
You never loved me
I am always surprised
You care for me
You share me
But why??
Who would answer??
Only you!!!

But if I do not believe me
Who else shall I believe??
I love you
Because only I know
You need love
And that be not given
You would shatter
So who would decide
None other than you…
My God!!!!