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In the end, the Sea

a poem by Sunil Rajagopal

Where goes the sun at
long day’s end? To douse his red
flames within the Sea.

Where goes the monsoon
and her clouds after their dance?
To drink from the Sea.

Where goes the river
after meandering course?
To sleep in the Sea.

Where goes the Hilsa
tired from swimming up the flow?
To die in the Sea.

Where goes the sailor
who returned with his bounty?
To live in the Sea.

There may come a time
when I too shall return home,
to be with the Sea.


a poem by Pankaj Kumar

So long
It takes to create a home

First of all
So much of materials
And labour to make
A house

And then when
You live
Your emotions
Have to stick

Then a home it will be.


a poem by Devaki Purohit

When I come home to you,
I keep my worries behind
You help me keep my masks aside
The daily struggles of life melt away with you by my side
Your smile, your reassuring hug is all it takes to aid my way through the day
Your presence is my oxygen and your touch is elixir
What would I be without you in life oh what would I be without you by my side
I come home to you my dear I come home to paradise…