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God’s play

a poem by Chandramouli Eswar

Tiger Tiger, standing bright in the darkest bushes with a fierce sight
Preying deer giving birth, for the moment to strike it’s blow of death

Lovely Deer, cuddling it’s fawn not aware of the Tiger’s plan
Feeding baby with the milk, waiting for the lovely dawn

Tiger, leapt through bushes roaring high, leaving no chance for the deer to fly away
Caught the deer with its mighty jaws sucking every life out of it in a beastly way

Deer is dying with a pain in body and heart, weeping for its lovely fawn
Rolling tears over the cheeks, trying to kiss its baby one last time, left its life by the dawn

Not aware of mother’s death, baby started to cry for a last time
Before the Tiger gave it’s deathly strike

God created the lovely deer with a hand and created Tiger to kill it with another hand
He created the beautiful nature with prey and predators everywhere

A Deer in the Mist

a poem by Sunil Rajagopal

Still as the morning
He stood in the gloom
Slivers of mist drooped
Over his haunch
A glint of dew in
His spreading crown
Warm puffs of breath
From his cold, wet nose
Crack went a twig
Beneath my feet
I looked up and
The stag was gone.