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Unity in Diversity

a poem by Swarit Verma

Namaste, I am Swarit
I am a Hindu
I worship Bhagwan
And celebrate the festivals
Holi Diwali and other festival of Hindustan
But my favourite festival
Is Christmas
When I light candles
And have a party
Have gifts, dress and other goodies

Asama Walikum my name is Nadir
And I am a Muslim
I visit Masjid
And celebrate Eid but my favourite festival is
Diwali when I light diyas have feast
Burn crackers and make Rangoli

Satsriakal, I am Diljeet
I am a Sikh
My festival is Gurupurva
But I love to celebrate Eid
When I eat Sawai get
And receive Eid
When I keep Ramzan
And enjoy the value of dish

Hello, I am Henry
I am a Christian
And celebrate Christmas but
My favourite festival is Gurupurva
When I have Langur
And enjoy the lighting of Gurudwara
And sing Nanak Gana

All over this is the unity of my India