a poem by Christuraj Alex

I pay homage to you, venerable divine Goddess!
You are one in many; many in one; Isotropous!

You are incorporation of Aditi, Bhairavi,
Durga, Gayatri, Laxmi, Rukhmini, Saraswati…

You are the goddess of the east and west and south and north,
And every other direction of the evolving earth!

Your spirit pervades each and every particle of life,
Of each atom of the nucleus of every fine fife!

You are the merger of each perception and consciousness,
Goddess of each little element of the universe!

You are ever past, present, and the future endlessly,
You are fertility of beauty, knowledge, victory!

You are fecundity, wisdom, music, and every art,
You are an indwelling, impelling lover of each heart!

Help me, dear goddess that I may tell of your great stories
Of the past and present and future for all your glories!

Humanity may learn from ages to become more human,
And orient their lives to the future graces… Amen!