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Our beautiful beloved Earth – II

a poem by

No nation can economically develop without modern technology in the world;
Social and cultural developments cannot flourish without economic boost;
So, competition and rivalry in industries and business rock the world today!
Materialism of money minded men has turned all into heartless machine beasts
That don’t care for pollution and destruction but only profit and domination; so,
Deforestation, cities, diseases and population explosion increase without limit!

Green house effect of pollution that traps Sun’s heat covers the whole world
And slowly and surely melting polar ice increases sea levels and immerses isles!
Rain and flash floods maroon many places making man’s planet a moratorium;
Also, forest fires and volcanic eruptions destroy and pollute vast areas of world
Reminding men of the coming events of doom’s day shortly on our Earth!
O Beautiful beloved Earth that bears all the brunt should change man’s mind!

Competition for excellence in all walks of life is good for any society anywhere;
But cooperation for extremism of all kinds leads only to destruction of all minds!
Burning competition creates restlessness and nightmares to tragedy and failures!
But cooperation develops confidence to dream and achieve wonderful things!
Competition for dominating the world will lead only to total chaos and gloom!
But cooperation for all round developments will lead to prosperity and hilarity!

Either scholar gypsies in search of truth should wander round the world
Or intellectuals for analysing matters should be glued to the computers!
By wars world conquerors have failed to take control of the world;
By ideas international politicians have failed to control the world;
And now by trade monopolists are trying to take control of the world!
So, competition and speed have become common in all walks of life!

Our beautiful beloved Earth – III

a poem by

After industrial revolution and technological developments electronics rules;
Civilisation without culture is spreading and capturing the whole world now!
Knowledge without wisdom is changing the world into a mad, mad world!
Political and religious fanaticism without knowledge is too dangerous;
So, to save the world from destruction, madness wisdom should prevail
And the thoughts of tomorrow’s world based on history help avoid craziness!

By Nuclear War, world cannot be conquered except complete destruction!
By military might all nations cannot be invaded to control the world by one!
Not by dictatorship but by democracy aiming human development can do so!
In fifty years five billion population will jump to ten billion population;
So, without renewing the natural resources for food, energy and raw materials
How can the present world go on exploiting it for the safety of the future world?

Without recycling the natural resources competitive industries are exploiting them;
Deforestation is destroying resources, increasing soil erosion and bringing floods;
Consequently an abnormal change in Nature develops unhealthy trends for transition;
Industrial Civilisation controlled by One Authority cannot make One World work well;
Also free World Industrial Society allowing human developments can be a dream only;
So, one Agrarian World State to avoid nightmares is a good idea to dream about now!

Civilised World life without Nature is a horrible Utopia even to dream about!
Even Art without Nature will not be universally appealing to human nature!
Without the touch of Nature in life, culture and art it won’t be enjoyable ever!
Nature that has created Earth is so beautiful, lovely and lively can’t be ignored!
With the destruction of Nature including us our beautiful beloved Earth will be out!
And No Imprint will remain to speak about Human World if destruction is certain!

Our beautiful beloved Earth – I

a poem by

Only beloved Earth in the whole Universe has bred us
All alive among many living beings so long and so forth!
Earth is the only place people live in the entire Universe!
Except here, human species are nowhere found in the Space!
This beautiful beloved Earth is really the paradise to live
And thank God for having created this paradise for pleasure!

It is a gift from God and what we do with it is ours to Him;
So, man and his planet have become important in the Universe
And how best the boon has to be preserved depends on his will.
Men and women wouldn’t have grown to the present proportion
Without the protection of atmosphere covering the whole Earth!
Indeed Nature, the instrument of God inspires and instructs all!

Human perfection from animal to divine is the plan of evolution;
Mind of man in communion with Nature this open secret is known;
Also, human progress is the plan of divine nature on the Earth.
Without knowing this it is a pity, man seems to destroy all now
After discovering fire, inventing wheel, agriculture and becoming
Also an artist, scientist, architect, litterateur and entrepreneur!

Discovered laws of Nature, classified elements and created industries;
Invented many machines and created computer too in the modern world!
But alas, making Atomic Bombs, man has led the world to the brink of doom!
Mist may move the mystic with the mood to muse over many matters!
But pollution has poisoned the environment exposing it to radiation and
Leading the world to destruction but not the creation of one humanity!


a poem by

Why does she do it? Why she does it at all?
Raise people in agony, never let them fall?

Why does she do it? Why bother so much?
For people who are, strangers as such?

Why does she do it? Work all day and night?
Giving people hope, urging them to fight?

Why does she do it? What returns she get?
Everything goes waste, as people forget.

Why does she do it? Doesn’t care for her loss
Moves with her only asset, The Holy Cross.

Why does she do it? Fervently, I once asked her
Smiling, she replied, because I am your Mother.

A Toddler’s Tears

a poem by

For many a dawn is what they yearn
But for me, it’s the pits to happen.
For many few a time in their lives they weep
But for me, the more I cry so I reap
For many the red light brings a halt
But for me it’s where everything does start
For many injuries are meant to be healed
But for me it’s something to be kept repeated
For many, life is a wonderful journey
But for me now it’s all about penny by penny
For many there is a father and a mother
But for me, it is always an unknown porter.
For many there is a shelter of own,
But for me, it’s the open sky with sun and rain
For many it is just a sight, seeing me whine
But for me, it is truly a heartfelt pain
For many a good rest awaits when the dusk falls
But for me all the salt in my tears stalls
For many a life is for living
But for me, its hell as I crave for leaving
For many there are ears and shoulders to lend
But for me it’s only you, oh my omnipotent.

Then and Now

a poem by

I grappled for – comfort
In joys that filled my day
Though weary I did feel
I merrily went my way

My heart it wept and sighed
For all things – old and new
But hardly got hindsight
Of things so good and true

I hunted far and near
For time just hard to find
Alas! In daily chores
It settled – in my mind

That need it be so true
The love I feel for you?
The rise and fall in doubt
I hate to yell it out

My soul it loves to sing
The feeling – it does bring
The mind it follows sure
To every heart – a cure

I battle with the fear
Of losing things so dear
I live to be a lark
On souls’ search embark

Emboldened by the pain
When sadness seems to rain
The rainbow in the sky
It makes me feel so high

(Dedication: To people who made my days)

Broken Glasses

a poem by

She had gone ahead;
Divorce and re-marriage
Damaged my society;
An old respected family culture,
The lights of park are going to sleep;
But she still there
Her over coat is flying;
In the southern wind that passed
Her way, of broken glasses
Along the time,
Who will be there?

Dialogue for Peace

a poem by

People talk for hours and hours and days
And continue for many years and years
Without any reliable sign of peace.

Though mouths utter very sweet words
Their minds get engaged in clever plans
Trying cunningly for gainful deals.

Forgiveness, tolerance and sacrifice
Are the soil, the water and Sunlight
For the delicate peace plant to sprout.

For a plant to grow, seed must die:
Something is given to get something else;
If nothing is given nothing will accrue.

Long selfish dialogues can’t bring peace
A very brief dialogue can bring peace
If minds deeply yearn for real peace.

Avoiding the main issue won’t help
It will be only a time wasting trip
And peace will remain locked in a trap.

Dialogues for gains do not bring Peace;
The only bargain in dialogues for Peace
Must be PEACE and PEACE alone.

The Seven Months of Hernan Ray – Part 3

a poem by

For months no-one heard of him,
Hope was abandoned.
But Felicia stood by her door everyday.
Looking longingly for a letter.
And one fateful day it came-
It read:
Dear Felicia,
Each day drags on.
More dull and lifeless than the last.
We have not heard of the enemy.
“He will come!” is what they say.
But in our hearts we know its a lie.
It pains me to not be able to look at your face.
I move forward-
Only to fall back upon you very soon.
I see the sunset and sunrise,
But all seem to lack beauty.
You complete them,
As you complete me.
I shall return soon.
She clenched this to her heart,
A precious tear escaped her eye.
And she looked into the sunset,
Somewhere far away-
Hernan looked too.

Chicken Soup and Soul Betting

a poem by

A drought here, floods there,
a cyclone here, earthquakes scattered elsewhere-
all Mother Nature’s anger in action.
The ozone hole a danger signal for us hapless souls
yet, we live our lives unaffected
stretching our mounds of habitation
till they burst at the seams.
The West turns towards the East
(it’s fashionable you know for foreign hands to dip their fingers in spice and curry!)
The East surges blindly towards the West
(it’s chic you know to fly in fleets of fashion and software!)
Why do cultures look everywhere else except within themselves?
Destruction for gain that’s all we humans are capable of,
a pity really,
as pure and perfect creation gets usurped by chicken soup and betting of souls.

In the Contemporary World!

a poem by

In today’s taxing world, ushered with anxiety and coupled with stress levels,
one, spends the entire day, unraveling one problem after another.
Hounding monetary benefit’s most of his life and getting tangled into tribulations
With un-due emphasis on looking and feeling good than being good!
The tragedy of humans today is, decreasing happiness in the midst of increasing comforts
When people look, they look only at the surface believing glamour is happiness
but when they see in depth, they realize the world can be the way it is,
and it’s the self who needs to change and live with circumspect.

Not many realize, health is the greatest possession, contentment the greatest treasure
Confidence the best friend and love the greatest gift and the need of the hour is
Inclination to discover oneself and make a conscious effort to mature gracefully
Life is full of surprise and each surprise is a gift from un known quarters
One should forget yesterdays and don’t worry about tomorrows
but has to learn to celebrate the present day and live with utmost joy.
As the the saying goes some time’s joy can be source of smile,
but at times even a smile can be source of joy.


a poem by

We have wantonly dirtied
Our rivers, ponds and lakes
With all our dirty dirts.

Not only the water we drink
Is getting highly polluted
The water we use for
Growing our food too
Is getting much more polluted.

The plants that we grow
And the yield that we eat
Are all polluted with chemicals

Mother Earth is disturbed
And showing her annoyance
In many subtle ways.

As an act of redemption
For the evil of dirtying our Earth
Mankind must now take up
Sincere cleaning up work.

Top priority is a must
For an effective technology
That will certainly purify
Our polluted water resources.

Even if that effort is financially
Not viable or very expensive
Mankind must spend willingly
To save its dear grand-children
From possible pollution deaths.

Colours of Temptation

a poem by

The grandest fraud on man
Honey-coated worm-wood
A scented embalmed corpse
A gamble doomed to remorse.

Life-insured bubbles
Dreams that fake day
Falsehood clad in truth’s clothes
Counterfeited face of gladness.

Sweet deception in dim light
Hags passing for sweet seventeens
Tin glows like silver
Broken glass like diamond.

Irresistible in promise
Bitter in aftertaste
Bloating with excuses, betting
Next round satisfaction for sure.

Promises written on sand grains
On wind-licked desert plains
Offering gourmet dream banquet
On sinking luxury liner.