Poems by Wali S T Dr.

The Lone Witness

a poem by Wali S T Dr.

We all have one:
That remnant scar
Over our abdomen

A living reminder:
Of umbilical connexions,
One had with one’s mother!

Those who just ignore this,
I don’t know how sad it is:
To disown your mother
Despite the cicatrix!

The lone witness of the womb:
The cord that feeds,
Even as the baby takes shape,
Supply all that it needs.

Our conscience is not much different:
It has its own chinks;
It has got that element,
That remembers its links,
With God- Creator and Sustainer,
Seventy-fold like our own mother

Why forget your mother,
Or God, either?
You cannot afford,
To deny the umbilical cord!

For, God loves us all:
Seventy times more, as it were,
Than your own mother
Heed to His call.

For, God’s so merciful.
Open the door,
Vacate your fear;
Be faithful and grateful,

Sure, you can go that far:
So much lies concealed,
In that round scar-
The first wound now healed.

The Bias

a poem by Wali S T Dr.

The bias you see inherent in Nature,
Simply put these are but Nature’s laws
God’s work is nature: Be sure,
You may try but cannot find flaws!

Evil in His creation you may seldom find:
This just cannot negate His existence.
For, goodness outstrips evil. Bear in mind:
Nature ordains health to prevail over pestilence!

Nature ordains that the things that are best
Are equally set with those that are worst,
With the average to be in the majority
Normal Distribution is her Law: Since antiquity!

This, then, can be, at least, safely assumed:
God’s work-nature-acts as a fine balance
Curse not Nature: Like some ignoramus subsumed,
Only misery and evil in His account, for instance

For an athlete- expect someone to lame,
For a genius- suffer a moron: Don’t blame!
For sure, you may live in pretence,
But, for God’s sake, use your common sense!!

Love Defined

a poem by Wali S T Dr.

Slow growing,
Yet, mind blowing
Yet, ethereal

A plant
Of slow growth
Called love.

Watered by zeal,
Needs soil of trust,
Puff air of praise to seal:
It admits of no lust.

So much agile,
Exceedingly fragile

Like an earthen ware
It may break into smithereens
Handle it with care
That’s what it means!

Mere carnal love,
Degrades mankind;
It’s debauchery
That defiles your mind.

Love that’s pure and selfless
Exalts mankind.
In recklessness,
Love becomes blind.

Love sought may be good
Far better if you could
Find love unsought:
For, it’s never sold nor ever bought!

Love eclipses not,
By passage of time
True, sizzling and hot:
Not the slaked lime.

Love that’s passing
Isn’t love at all!!
If not constant and lasting,
It collapses like a falling wall.

Beauty, and wealth- all props and support-
Shall fail to avert inevitable fall.
When love ceases to comfort
It’s dead wood, a pain in the neck, that’s all!!


a poem by Wali S T Dr.

A man may think that he can,
Control and subjugate a woman.

By his sheer physique,
To offset her mystique
Trough violence and oppression,
By anger and aggression,
A man may cajole
A woman
By gentle persuasion
By showing off
Mere love and infatuation,
You think you can
Win her into abject submission?

Even in the so-called consensual act,
More often than not it’s found correct:
In case she doesn’t like you,
Only she’s got the power,
It’s true.
You may have her body not her soul:
What you get is a dead part of the whole!!!

You can’t ever guess it, can you?
As a woman can as well fake:
She may have the cake
And eat it too!!!


a poem by Wali S T Dr.

After life
After strife

After affluence
After complacence

After war
After exemplar

After deceit
After retreat

After questions
Beyond all questions

Everything referred to in the lines above
amply prove the existence of God.

The Moment

a poem by Wali S T Dr.

It’s the high time to loose,
It’s time not to choose.
Beware, don’t crib or cry,
Take instead a deep sigh.

Beyond all- everything;
Beyond virtue and sin.
It’s when love creeps in,
You neither lose or win.

Laden in mystery so rare,
That moment of true love.
If that one does ever come,
It’s Godsent, wholesome.

Feel the heat- never ask why,
What, when; how and where,
That moment of love is nigh
Now, so close; look, it’s here
Take care!

The New Anthem

a poem by Wali S T Dr.

Truth lies naked and bare:
Unexplored yet uncovered;
To confront this simple word,
Truthful souls alone would dare.

Truth writ large
On the smile of a child,
Like one that bandits discharge,
Held captive from the wild.

Truth sits upon the lips of a dying man
You see it in the Moon and the Sun
Sure you can find Truth if you can
See: Lord of the universe is one.

Fighting for Truth is useless
It lies in the sanctorum of your heart
Love all; dispense largesse
It’s in the whole not in a part!

Savour truth day and night
Feed a belly or lit up a smile
Splash delight love and light
Transcend yourself for a while.

Two arms we need to come closer:
Arms to hug and cuddle each other.
To forge unity of the humankind,
Shun wars; say farewell to arms!

India – I

a poem by Wali S T Dr.

We are a tribe of the savage
Violence suits us fine
Not seldom
We turn into shameful beasts
In wild rage.

Killing, destroying, rioting mobs honing skills at genocide
Surge up to reach the lowliest heights
Mercy, tell me
Aren’t we heir to
Gandhi’s legacy
Or are we a nation of hypocrites
With psychopaths to lead us and guide?

Divided deep down
By caste, creed and what not
Pretending some esoteric unity of sorts
Calling ourselves Indians
Donning a tricolor gown.

This then follows and makes sense
Our identity is in fact
An ultimate pretence!


a poem by Wali S T Dr.

Mostly inaccurate and inexact,
Seldom ahead behind all the times,
Like the rusty pendulum clock:
Atop an old clock tower
Fixed in the heart of a sleepy town.

We worship power,
Oft we spread discontent.
We honor political thugs,
Clowns, and all kinds of touts.
We create news; else we invent.
Ever ready to distort facts
Proud to print government hand-outs

Editorialise and sensationalise
Insert views in news
Defile virtue, we glorify crimes
It is always wise
To co-operate with the powers-that-be,
Readily, just faithfully.

It’s our job to manufacture consent
Yes, we’re the conscience-keepers
Self-appointed guardians
Of Indian democracy
And Establishment.

We’re, dear citizens,
The Indian newspapers!

Deja Vu

a poem by Wali S T Dr.

In a desolate night of feverish June
I feel a mystique all around
A charming maiden I found
Quite alone with a glowing face
Elegant with a beauty rare
Enchantingly walking apace
In step with the solitary cloud
Threading the eye of the Moon.
Bedazzled I ask aloud:
O Paragon of Beauty, who’re you
A deity, nymph or a fairy queen,
Vestal virgin or Venus herself?
Tell me if I am wrong
If not O fair damsel,
Hear my words, my only prayer
Just be mine, mine forever!

A ringing laughter, sweet smile
And a simple nod from her
Were all I could get in answer?
Then she vanished all at once.
I shouted loud, cried in bewilderment
And shed countless blood-tinged tears.
Alas! I was left in gloomy silence:
She left me alone bereft of any sense,
My wails reverberate yet nobody hears,
Left in the lurch: was I fated to live ever after
Hauling a wounded soul with scars permanent?

Then, my dear, my sweetheart,
You met me here
Even as I first looked at you
It seemed I was struck
With a Deja Vu
By God! my dear,
She was just like you.
Yet I am bewildered, once again dumbstruck
As I still could not believe my luck!


a poem by Wali S T Dr.

The crimson East delivering the Sun
Gaiety all around: now the day’s begun
I look at the blue lotus in bloom
Before my eyes something would loom-

My lady love- her native name
To me it’s all the same
At the break of day
As she’d wake up for prayers to say
Her beauteous eyes, still heavy with sleep
There I can see love for me so deep
I stoop on her to peep in those eyes
Only to find myself laden in sweet surprise
Beyond this I won’t narrate nor would I write

As the day’s begun, keep it for the night.


a poem by Wali S T Dr.

Albeit easy to deny,
The Truth won’t die.
Sure, Truth lives on,
When all else is gone

Bare truths are plain!
Admit no impediments.
Beware! The Truth will out,
And shine amidst clutter
Of the clueless doubt

Critics do feign in vain,
That they can’t comprehend.
Stonewalled mind and brain,
Into morass of depravity descend!

Truth’s writ large, one needs
An honest heart that leads
To conceive it; be wise!
Look around yourself
Just try and you might
Live in truth and light
Just grow up! Arise!!

Else you will die or pay the price,
Every time in endless shame,
With demise of each of your lies
For, illusions and lies are lame;
They run a short course,
Have even shorter lives, you guys!!


a poem by Wali S T Dr.

Love opens the door where it finds one
Love His creatures if you really love Him!
If you don’t do it: all else is undone.
Yet, His Love is ever shining, it can’t go dim!!

Love is that magic and miracle divine
For, God is all love: Most Merciful and Kind
Gathers no dust; Love continues to shine
Even in the heartless, rudiments of love you may find!

Remember: Love is the common legacy of us all
Her expanse and reach belies our thought
With love we rise, in hatred lies our downfall.
All Apostles taught love; it’s peace they sought!

To reflect- if God is one, we can’t be unlike
Focus deep on His design; see that unity divine
With God our Creator we may not look alike
We are all kindred souls: What’s yours or mine?

Why can’t we love each other and our neighbor?
It’s something I just fail to comprehend.
For me, my extended family, as it were,
Includes everyone: My love is a magic wand!

Love I owe to you all regardless of everything
Commanded by my God to love His creation,
No litany of curses, I offer; save a loving blessing
To you, I hasten to send my humble salutation!!!


a poem by Wali S T Dr.

Across the darkness:
Across the sun set:

Across the ocean:
Across the oasis:

Across the pain:
Across the cynicism:

Across the piety:
Across the vanity:

Across the yearning:
Across the learning:

Across the hatred:
Across the diversity:

Across the life:
Across the strife:

Across the equanimity:
Across the unanimity:

Across the limits:


a poem by Wali S T Dr.

In Truth
In lies

In peace
In war

In life
In death

In man
In woman

In politics
In sainthood

In Nature
In history

In God