Poems by Vinod Pallikandi

Sailing ahead, past Tsunami

a poem by Vinod Pallikandi

One sweeping stroke of Tsunami
Battered and bruised lives,
Rocked and scattered humanity.

But, thank you Tsunami
You gave us a chance to show our concern
Our brethren are not alone in a crisis.

Thank you Tsunami
You united us all to show that we care
To see children laugh, smile and go back to school.

And Thank You God
In a fragmented world, You perhaps created calamity
To keep us together!


a poem by Vinod Pallikandi

A beautiful name, but what a ruthless killer
A harmless word but such a beastly feller

Once only a handful met office men knew your name
Today, as heaven and earth dread, you shot into fame

That fateful Sunday, you woke us up with frightening cries
Moments after you wiped out scores and scores of precious lives

With one sweeping stroke, crossing a million miles in a hurry
Hungrily consuming coastal villages to quench your insatiable fury

We used to immerse ashes of our kin in the sea, from days of yore
We are now counting bodies of our brethren you dumped ashore

Women, some pregnant and old men who need care
Even sleeping children and newborn, did you spare

Fishermen who’ve weathered many a storm, so brave
You turned them corpses, heaped in a watery grave

Gone are the gallant folk who lived by the sea
You ravaged homes and swallowed even kids on the beach, with glee

Tsunami, tell us, what sin did they all commit
For you to kill them all in less than a minute

Pitted against your furious, frightful might
Defenseless and dead without a fight

What remains of their withered family, homeless and scattered
Writhing in the loss of loved ones and mentally shattered

In our land of values, even criminals who kill or steal
Get a proper hearing before being punished, a fair deal

In your violent barbaric court, there are no laws, no judges
Only vicious intent, the dance of death and dark smudges

Wrecking havoc, you were having fun
Are you Mother Nature’s condemned son

Lastly, just a fervent prayer in vain
Tsunami, don’t come again, please don’t you come again.

When you smile

a poem by Vinod Pallikandi

Just sixty days into this world
You’ve brought us joy untold

Your knowing looks and selective smile
Shows your grace and early style

Simply can’t wait to hear you talk
Hold your hand and make you walk

In a turbulent world, a calm being you really are
Days of your growth and great deeds are not very far

To raise you till you rise, we shall steer
Blessed we’re to have you daughter dear

Every little sound you make has some meaning
Only that we don’t comprehend your fullest feeling

God has taken good time to create you
Our darling is the most lovable baby on view

A bundle of delight, you’ve struck an everlasting bond
We shall always be near, towards your glorious days and beyond

When you smile, a million stones in the sky turn stars
Lighting the lamp of joy in our hearts

As you cuddle in comfort, feeling light like a feather
Blessed you are to be born to a divine father.

A New Dawn

a poem by Vinod Pallikandi

Fourth June will differently dawn
With a new sunshine, darkness gone
At the hallowed shrine of Lord Guruvayurappan
A very special event is to happen

Wedding knots are religiously tied
To keep two like minds unified
With your good wishes and Divine grace
Begins a new bond that forever stays

As our well wishers, you have a role
To bless the couple from the depth of your soul
May happiness and harmony unfold
For a joyous life that shines as gold.

Sweet Delight

a poem by Vinod Pallikandi

Telephone rings to a sweet delight
Ushering in joy of an endless night
Smashing records for hours called
Dawn and dusk pass bewildered

Talk, argue and often fight
Emotions echo well past midnight
The welcome strain from ear to ear
Broken by an occasional tear

The chatter and all the laughter
Will surely stay on ever and after
To keep or lose your comforting voice
Either way do I have a choice?

Your dial sent a ring right into my heart
Striking the soul, to never part
And now dear as I wish you well
I must thank Alexander Graham Bell.

Tranquil Home

a poem by Vinod Pallikandi

Away from the maddening crowd and noise
On a still night that echoes the faintest voice
When I move the softest feather on your neck
I hear its sound, the sound of the smoothest trek

A cool breeze takes me to a joyous height
Swaying palms and raindrops excite
As I peep out like a curious owl
Windows resist the wind that protest with a howl

Even the fall of a tiny spoon raise decibels
That equal a dozen church bells.
Night’s cold but wrapped in your thoughts,my honey
Within me its total peace and complete harmony

In this new house, life makes a fresh start
I live in you, this home is your heart
Close to nature, closer to God
Closest to you, my my Geethu.