Poems by Tony Gill


a poem by Tony Gill

The old man lay still
His cold corner of the world awakens
The blare of sirens awakes him
His head swells and deflates in a torrent of pain
His bottle of Liquor cannot hold his despair
So instead he drowns in it, everynight since then
Since that fateful day, the coldest day of irony
When his mountain of dreams, weighed him beneath
Beneath the clouds he longed to bath in
Beneath his father, who’s shoes he could not fill
Beneath his sisters and brother, who laugh
And his bitter sweet flower
The woman who left his blood hot
And his heart empty
Cruel fate is not so rude
It is a blessing wrapped in nails
Holy water synthed with arsenic
As the old man lay quieter by the moment
His life seemed so short
He died with a picture of Nirvana


a poem by Tony Gill

Blackbird aloft the twisted branches
Bathing its lifeless carcass into the sun
The flight of icarus, toiled and black
Wings open to the new dawn
While the sunset gives the sun to another

The pale eyes stare down my throat
My tongue knotted in caked blood
No moisture, dry as sand
Flowing between the turntables

The weed showers his poison lust
Your soft flesh curls at my lips
Rising rancid emotion, raw to the tongue
The inner sanctuary of our nightmares fall
And all that’s left is lunacy

So far away

a poem by Tony Gill

Worn and empty, abused and cold
Deprived from awe, withered black
The twisted depths fall along your fingertips
What’s said to be gone for just a spring
Is gone forever underneath my hollow skin

The rusted trumpets sound, judgement day
The weary bones of so many rise to find their fall
To be tripped by your imaginary friend
Run away and hide in your feeble carcass

The poison skin, curls at the lips
Bloodthirsty, yielding a broken sky
Blood red moon, a thousand nights wasted
Worn and empty, abused and cold


a poem by Tony Gill

The trees loomed their twisted noose
They laughed at the lifeless man
The dust of your path twisted your heels
The poisonous breath curled your lips

The vines entwined your broken heart
The bitter sweet swords clashed your veins
The whisper of death upon your lips
The sweet taste of agony around your tongue

The vacant halls of armageddon
Echoed the twisted tale
You tasted the poison and shuddered in ecstasy
Bitter sweet till the end

Beginning means End

a poem by Tony Gill

Daylight smothers the icy branches
The lone creatures empty cry
A void of violent romance
No way out, scream at the sun

Blow the dust off your ancestor’s bones
Break these daggers across your arm
When the mime finds to use his tongue
No one’s ever there to listen to him

The breaking ice soothes the cries
Punishment to the innocent party
The trees live to grow the leaves
Another day the leaves make a tree

Stereo Life

a poem by Tony Gill

Finding out what your not going to be
All these thoughts buzzing in your head
In this stereo, super punk, comedy
You raise up your fist in the confusion

Waving your flag high, all watch in horror
They wake up from their champagne glasses
Cigarettes, sidewalks, supermarket flashes
Everything is left behind, and anger arises

We stop looking for truth in magazines
And forget the 10 tips to a perfect life
Brought up to think we were all going to be
A rock star, or millionaire, were not

Lift up your flag charge into battle
Scream your battle cry
Leave your autumn beige colored closets
And find life in something besides the TV

TV dinners, pink colored sweaters
A lighten screen telling you how to live
You leave it, in the outskirts of lies
You lie down your flag in the flames

On and on

a poem by Tony Gill

Push and pull, sweat your worth
On and on, until you die
Never a chance to see the sky
On and on, crawl then cry

My whip comes down, against your back
I drown out your cries
You never got to see the blackening skies
On and on, don’t ask why

On and on, you sweat your blood
Back and forth, over and over
Don’t turn around, or look over your shoulder
On and on, on and on, on and on until you die


a poem by Tony Gill

Your eyelids shield you from the world
Just close them and you fall away
They make you sleep, and keep you awake
They control you, a blanket from truth

Without them you cannot dream
And dreams are fantasies, they want you to believe
Your eyelids make the world go dark
When there is so much light to see

Damn my eyelids, I want to see
Involuntary lies, I can’t stop you, I need you
You encircle me in darkness
And make my world swallow itself

Crying Roots

a poem by Tony Gill

I sat in the grass that was never green
And watched the flowers wither
Their petals turn gray and fall into the ground
And my tears fall with them, and make new life

I answered the call of the forest one day
I found it as empty as it always was
But deeper inside I heard my only mind
And I visit the forest everyday to stay alive

I sat in the flowers, then I saw the forest
The flowers brought joy, but I needed the forest
I stayed with the flowers, and ignored death
I watched them wither as I died among them

The forest cried over my rootless body
I cursed them in my sleep, addiction deep
The flowers planted my body, I grew roots
I lived among them, while others watched me wither

My slave is me

a poem by Tony Gill

I am my only slave, forever
I work my own fields grown from tears
A betrayal of myself is closing
Forget my knife that lies in your back

I tried so hard to break my chains
But I was shackled to my own wrists
Locked up inside myself, so cold
I am a prisoner of the body

Lines to cross

a poem by Tony Gill

The slave bites the hand that feeds him
And the sun will not stand to see the moon
All these borders crossing hearts
What if all the walls fell, who would we be but us


a poem by Tony Gill

When the coward doesn’t turn and run
When the cry at night is heard
When the mime finds to use his tongue
When dignity can become absurd

When the slave controls his master
When the sidewalk finds its end
When lightning can’t go faster
And the princess finds her trend

When the sun cannot set
And the weather man is right
When the priest makes his filthy bet
And the bloodthirsty cannot fight

When your mask of beauty will not fit
When the prophets have no way to tell
When the workaholics finally quit
And you self inflict your very hell


a poem by Tony Gill

You forgot the poor flower you tore the petals off today
But the ground remembers and swallows the petals
And they grow into the grass, earth, and sky, and soon
The petals are everywhere and you added to chaos

The daylight haunts the moon, never a chance to shine
But the sun wishes to embrace the moon, no one understands
Always against each other in a battle of the throats
Throwing out words no one can understand, it’s blurry

Life is but a battle, blood and truces with each other
Enemies and friends working for a glimpse of hope
Traveling and fighting thousands of miles
When happiness is only one short step away

Sunsetting ground

a poem by Tony Gill

The color shades of sunrise and set
Add to a glimpse of happiness
You’ll never touch the sun or moon
But you can always see it and wish

Peering through your heart
The stars sneak a tear
We’re all more important than we think
We’re experiments for a new dawn

Of Goldfish and Kings

a poem by Tony Gill

The trapped goldfish will have its day
Where is my mind, it’s flown away?
High above the greedy hands
It should call me when in lands

I dare the joker to cry before the king
So that the king also will cry and sing
A song of the weak and humble peasant
That has no future, past or present