The Hours

a poem by Aastha

I dare not to look at life as it is!
I wish not to lay myself in the hands of destiny
Those hours, those times that passed me by,
I want to cherish those days of my life

There were moments when time stood still beside me
Times when I fought all odds, just for a moment to spare
How can I forget the time when the sun sat right under my feet?
How can I forget its cold reflection on water, yes that hot summer sun!

The war between what I have and what I want, has ended long before
Nothing comes to an end, it just disappears, goes back to the very start
I remember the time when I stood on the hill, I felt so tall
The feeling of clouds caressing me and passing me by, that love I can’t deny

You cover your miseries with a veil; you cover your aching past and walk away
The ice has melted, as tears run down your eyes, it is so hard to keep a disguise
Could it get any worse? Yes it can, it always can, and it always has
In the forgotten cave of your past, lies a secret!.It cries in your dreams pleads to be set free