Poems by Sarradha Ravindran

The Dreamland

a poem by Sarradha Ravindran

Rising up in the sky,
with two wings to fly,
I am going high and high.
Leaving below all sobs and sighs,
waving them a sweet good-bye.

Far from the land of pain
breaking every binding chain,
I reach the awaited domain,
where there is no stress or strain.

Entering the land of rest and peace
I smile, lying down with ease.
There is no work or hurry,
or traces of pain or fury,
with every moment in glory.

In comes a figure dressed in white,
wearing a robe so tight,
saying, “Welcome to the land of peace.”
That sounding to me a tease,
and it goes away like the gentle breeze.

I am having a time so good
with sound sleep and tasty food.
With nothing to do and no one to pest,
nor do I face life’s test
knowing only rest and rest.

That was a momentary joy,
like the play with a lovely toy.

It is not a lasting bliss,
now I know after a fuss.
For where is beauty, without duty,
and pleasure without pain?

How to feel the joy of success,
if I don’t know the stress?

I need not this false mirth
I want back my life at earth.

In comes the figure in white,
says with a teasing smile,
“You cannot go back now,
once here you come,
that is all”

“No, no I am going now,”
saying thus I jump down,
down,down,down And down:

I wake up with a loud scream,
happy to note it’s just a dream.

Lovers meet

a poem by Sarradha Ravindran

Come, come, Oh! gentle rain,
the earth was waiting for you, in pain.

The errand of the wind arrives,
before the drop of your water strikes,
lightening lights your path though
Thunder giving the welcome note.

To give the earth a lovely kiss,
from the skies below you rush,
making the lady-earth to blush;
wiping her clean and fresh.

Thanking the sky,your father sweet,
for arranging this lovely meet,
earth gifts him a bouquet though
that is known as the rainbow.

Love for me is you

a poem by Sarradha Ravindran

Finding one like you, my dear,
searching in lands far and near;
is in vain, that being clear.

For, all on earth
and in heaven,
not a soul to match
you, in affection.

When we walk arm in arm,
feel our love with a new charm
no words on earth; can say
the mirth of our silent play.

Earthly beauties of all kind
seldom hold me in a bind.
All of them to me remind
the beauty of your love divine,
making my darkest hour to shine.

You, on whom I could lean
share my own self with ease,
all my frown would cease,
I smile like the tender cheese.

The touch of your gentle hand
is that of a magic wand
giving me the grit to stand,
grinding all stones to sand
crushing all tragic strands.

The smile on your lovely face
with all it’s elegant grace,
chases sorrow out of trace
brings gay back to place
making me win the race.

You have given me words of power,
during my days of shear.

You are… an inspiring flare
giving me love and care.

The star of my sky,
pulling me high and high,
You are…
…my mother!

Fury of the Sea

a poem by Sarradha Ravindran

The same beautiful sea,
Becoming a dreadful cause of flee;
the deep blue tidal wave,
sweeping away,no one to save.

It’s countless beauty,
now a reckless fury.
Which served the eyes a feast,
now being loved the least.
With all it’s elegant water
causing poignant slaughter.

Our own group of peers
now in absolute tears,
Bathing in fright and fears
losing all their dears.

What is their consolation?
in this hour of isolation:
engrossed in frustration,
losing all determination.

Let us all pray,
for their peace and gay.
giving them our say,
that we will pave the way:
do our best,
wiping their tears away
being the need of the day.