Poems by Rahul K E

Heartache of Culture

a poem by Rahul K E

Higher and higher the mansions, lower and lower the minds
Better and better our comforts, poorer and poorer our happiness
Sweeter and sweeter by words, bitter and bitter by deeds
Louder and louder in laughters, emptier and emptier in souls

We have advanced a lot and improved a little,
We definitely gained much; but lost infinitely

How this happened to this world, who thinks so?
Behind the mad rush for wealth,who cares for what?

Loads of acquaintance but lacking of friends,
Love for looks and like for materials
Huge the sum of relatives but relations for purpose,
Heads to think benefits and hearts for sale

I’m perplexed and ask you what to label these phenomenons?
I believe we have to change,if you think so we will join
For a new society where morality merges with prosperity
What will you call this? Think and act, It is now or never

Eastern culture, rest in peace

a poem by Rahul K E

As the sun goes from East to West;
our culture is also going for a set in West
All suns rose from east;
whether it is Buddha, Nabi, Rama or Christ
But now sons of the great culture are looking West
for the best of luxury, pomp and wealth
My brothers, remember, you are heading for the worst
You may lead a ‘comfortable, pleasurable’ life there
know you can never lead a happy and peaceful life
coz happiness not lies in values of assets;
it lies deep down in values of life.

April 1st, The Fool’s Day

a poem by Rahul K E

Today the day, when usually people make other fools
But this time government made the people fools
In the past, I with my friends made fun of others this day
Now Govt. with their friend WTO made “fun” of us on world fools day
For the starving fifty crores, now there are imported MNC’s luxury goods
For the illiterate forty crores, now there are internet and WAP
Whichever the party is, they forgot man needed and food and literacy before these
The Q.R’s are off, now the P.R’s (peoples rage) will be on
As estimated, 18% growth will be there with a bit change in fields
Our country will “grow” in poverty, inequality, socio-economic imbalance
Certainly population will be controlled, coz policies promote suicides
I don’t know how much my country will “gain” thru’ fools day
I believe, I will forget this day; coz “I” died today early morning.
But I love my country and still pray ‘Long Live India’.

Philosopher’s Sadness

a poem by Rahul K E

I wished to see all, no one saw me
I longed to hear all, no one heard me
I wanted to help all, no one helped me
I liked to love all, no one loved me
I tried to understand all, no one understood me
I’m happy that I succeeded, ‘am not blaming anyone
But I’m sad, sad only that no one even tried it
When I cried for the world, the world laughed at me
What ever I sacrificed for them, they called me mad
When I saw the world as my family, my family saw me as an alien
Wherever I strived for socialism, the more I became bankrupt
I was even ready to die for them, but they tried to kill me
No one is understanding me even when I am toiling for every one
I never have the greed to be called ‘great’, but please don’t call me ‘foolish’
I wish an all-knower who knows all my attitude
I dream an almighty who help me in helping others
I love an ever-caring GOD who soothes me in my cry for humanity
I yearn for an omnipotent who admires all my silent sacrifices
I don’t know whether there is ‘he’, but my mind craves for him
Oh! My mind, is it you that you crave for?, Still I don’t know
I am in a never ending search for him, hopelessly hoping to find him.