Poems by Philosopher Krish

Death Ends

a poem by Philosopher Krish

All the happiness all the sadness
All the questions all the answers
All the miseries all the mysteries
Comes to an end

Death Death Death that knocks every moment
Physics yet to discover
Metaphysics debate
A beautiful end

But for death
How many idiots we need to face
How many mysteries would have disappeared
Life and Time loose value
Nothing to contain pain and pleasure

Birth is not beginning
Death is not the end
But a breeze that journeys through
The window for the one who is never born

Don’t disturb my Penance

a poem by Philosopher Krish

He wears that, you wear this
But for the person nothing is real
Why you two morons fight on this

You two are chemical balls
Breathing chemicals, eating biology and living physics
You two are from nothing and will never ever know anything
Why you two after all idiots of same class
Just eat, drink and die if not be merry
Just don’t fight on dress codes

Your noise is disturbing my sleep

You wear this, he wears that
Whatever you wear, you two still are morons

Why so many bugs in nature’s script

a poem by Philosopher Krish

Why so many idiots all around
Why so many bankers, so many lawyers, so many lies all around
Why so many good, so many bad, so many ugly, so many un-ethical business men
Why so many viruses all around

I know now why a tornado
Perhaps the stupid nature is trying to debug its scripts
Its not really nature’s fury
But nature is so very sorry

Nothing is ever bug free

Auhm Immeasurable

a poem by Philosopher Krish

Not a request
Nor a command
But I simply say
Don’t add hurdles on my way
Is all I can say.
I don’t wish to move mountains
But will simply kick the rock out of my way

I am back home

a poem by Philosopher Krish

Searching and Seeking
I have found myself
Running and walking
I have arrived home
Peace of Mind
Piece of Mind
Existence knows no Geometry


a poem by Philosopher Krish

She was there, everywhere
wearing Nothing
I dressed her with my words
beautiful she is…
not herself any more…
She is here, she is everywhere
nothing as she is…

What are You

a poem by Philosopher Krish

Just as light is part of Sun
Thought is part of you
Thought can never enlighten you
nor do you need a torch
to see the Sun
Sun is Light
Light is not Sun
Body is Soul
Soul is not Body
You are the answer
carrying questions
You are the bag
carrying some books
The books are immaterial
The bag is immortal

Thanks I am Nothing

a poem by Philosopher Krish

In the world
where mass wear mask
searching the true face
behind a mask
something transforms into something
nothing remains as nothing
imperceptible, immortal, immeasurable, infinite.
Effort creates something
something lasts for sometime.
Nothing lasts forever.
Nothing is everything.
I thank me, I am nothing.


a poem by Philosopher Krish

I am the most powerful man on earth
Vicious than all your lethal weapons
Subtler than your thought
Hunting you every day as you hunt for me
Laughing and smiling at you as you chase for me
I stand all alone watching you move in me
I am ever perceiving your birth, your death
your endless loops of life
I don’t support your struggles
nor am I bothered with what you do with me
I am the eons in your history
I am the future you foresee
I am your past present and future
Try to transcend me…

God oh my Gawd

a poem by Philosopher Krish

I am watching you from my window
countless of you pass by me
not knowing my subtle presence
nor do I care about your limited sense
in heat you sweat
in cold you shiver
with decease you die
you miserable human creature
what is there in store for you
from coffin you came
in coffin you go
why do you care that which is not you
with myth you are shaken
with illusions you battle
in dreams you live
what a fragile creature are you
I never help even if you shout for me
I laugh at you when you speak of ethics
I smile at you when you debate on me
I don’t really care for you
so don’t be bothered with what you do
your pleasure and pain are one the same
you pretend like a demigod in creating them
you don’t need to believe in me
nor will you receive any reward from me
I don’t need to guard you
for I have better work to do
I am the locus for all your life
I am there I am there
watching you enact re-enact a miserable game

The Living Past

a poem by Philosopher Krish

The sweet memories
that cling to the soul
in the apparent darkness we were
our soul were white
mind clear dark
in the dark we freely stepped
no ego nor anger
but in the bosom of bliss
the Self very pure
mates so many
the creator’s new machines
in full zeal we were
no doubts to be cured
for the heart so pure
no vices we had
nor intelligence we shared
oh! a bright night we passed.
A Legend.


a poem by Philosopher Krish

I met God in the gap of my Thought
Asked him to answer
All I had thought
In his reply he answered

You have the right to question me
But the answers can never make you free
Move and Move within your shell
Till the movement within
Ceases itself

For whom have you created all this for
what is the purpose
of this rational war
With a silent smile he replied
A tree is hidden in a tiny seed
Any question has the answer within.

Iyam what Iyam

a poem by Philosopher Krish

I caged myself
inside a cave.
I am the cave
Let the Devil
and Angel in.
Devil and Angel
fought within
tore my cave
and disappeared.
I am now the empty space
free of time
free of change
free of words
free of their meaning.
Free as Iyam
humming my song in eternity