The Beginning

a poem by Abhimanyu Rawat

The bullet had ripped the poor soldier,
He lay motionless in the blazing desert.
Vultures were circling over him in anticipation.
He could do nothing but wait.
The sun was about to set now,
He saw no beauty in it.
All he could see was a bloody red ball.
He tried to scream,
It was muffled in the sands of time.
Time had seemed to stop,
To him it felt like eternity.
He wanted to die fast,
Than to face all this pain.
Death came – swiftly as ever.
He saw a long and dark tunnel,
He walked through it, groping along the walls.
At the end he saw a pure ,white light.
It was soothing – the pain was no more,
Only sanctity and purity.
The war, the pain, the blood- was all gone.
It was a new beginning- of the afterlife.