a poem by Ajith

As I take this plunge
With my little flower, scared,
Still pale, even with
My blood on her, spilled

Death! I need it, I want it,
I will find it easy to breath
My heart will beat in rhythm
Love will be beautiful in there

Time coming to an end
With memories of you and me
The way to escape to freedom,
Saying good bye to me and you

My heart pounds, but why now!
Searching for air to breathe
Drenched in sweat, but why
Hey, am I getting scared?

Hello breeze, give me a sec
To ask him why he said ‘no’
To take me to my love
Across the seven seas

Can’t believe what he says
Asking for a chance again
At a time I had closed my eyes
To reach my end in eternity

Life is uncertain, he exclaims
Reminds me that my last journey
Won’t take me to her
But reach nowhere

‘Your beloved wept
As I left’ , he said
And a message that
She was on her way!

Hello loneliness, my best friend
I feel this chill, but why
‘Coward you are’ said she
‘Scared even to die!!’

Life so uncertain it is
As if a strayed fate
Helpless, but wishing to
Know its end, she proclaims

My dear little bird,
Silence your wings now
You never gave, but why,
My message to her

Lost my way, she says
Your lover, I could not find
Plunged you have, so,
Its late, time is up!

Let me ask my heart
You kept quiet, but why
He now calls me an idiot
For this plunge

Said he reminded me
Mirror, that’s life
I turned deaf, he says
When he begged to listen

Earth so near to me
Can I stop this journey now
Travelling to the beginning
Of the ultimate end

Am I late my beloved
I do not want to die now
You are yet to tell me
How you feel as I part

Wish I could wait a little more
A split second for a chance
One last try for everything back
At least to be lonely again

Let me ask my pale flower
And my bird and loneliness
My heart and mind why
Was I always the last to know?

You are a coward, they shout!
Never saw the snow when snowed
Scared to get wet when it rained
Never told what I needed

I am late, too late for now
No hopes, ‘coz I am a coward
Flame ends, a burnt candle I am


This is an incomplete poem.
And it will remain incomplete till one day before I die…