Poems by Pavan Kumar

The Toss

a poem by Pavan Kumar

The game begins with the toss
But the real sport starts after the toss
Toss gives the chance to take steps
To succeed with planning

If defeat comes
Do not blame the toss
Because toss was just the beginning

Winning the toss is not winning a game.
Toss is not luck, not fate.
Toss is just an excuse for a beginning.

Toss works on devotion.
Toss works on design.
Toss works on discipline.

From the beginning till the end much sweat the body leaves.
From the beginning till the end much experience the players leave
From the beginning till the end many dreams come true.
And every game leaves some history behind him,
Some readable and some unreadable.

What is this life if not a toss?
With many ways ahead…
Childbirth is just a toss which the soul wins
To play the game of life.

In this mortal world the soul plays,
Plays with mankind and plays with nature,
Plays for immortality and plays for name,
Plays for glory and plays for freedom.
The game continues for many years
And the trophy comes at the end,at the mortal end.


a poem by Pavan Kumar

After days works
   The birds return to their home
I can watch them
   standing in my garden.

Mighty wings could take them anywhere
   Their travel could be lasting
The world is big for them
   but they easily remember their home.

When the birds fly in the sky
   The sky looks a liven place
They know every place and every direction
   every field and every tree.

All the day they chirp here and there
   every breath they take in nature
Freedom and flying is their life
   any time they are ready to fly.

They can search the whole earth
   can fly over the deepest sea
Between earth and sky there is a paradise
   in that odor there live the birds.

The Real Tale

a poem by Pavan Kumar

I heard many tales in my childhood
Full of adventures and mysteries
Full of kings and fairies
Full of strange creatures and ghosts
Some lived in the stars
I tried to chase them in my dreams
Moving in slow motion I reached near them
But as usual they were gone
Today, I think, I tried to capture tales
Today, I try to capture reality
And the reality lives in the earth
And the earth is only home for me
And the earth is only tale for me
And I can explain why the earth is a real tale
Because every tale comes from the earth
And every reality lives on this earth


a poem by Pavan Kumar

Smile is present everywhere
in the joy and in the happiness
in the fun and in the success.

See the smile of an infant
when someone loves him
see the smile of birds
when they fly here to there
see the smile of trees
when wind touches them
see the smile of a river
when someone crosses it
see the smile of a hill
when clouds are above it.

Get the smile for living
get the smile for the world
never find reason for the smile
never say farewell to smile.


a poem by Pavan Kumar

Human is nothing without name
without name no history can be written
without name no one can be remembered
one shines and one declines by name
breath is life and life has a name
good and bad both have names
but how long a bad can be remembered?
His memories are short lived
no one wants to remember him
even if he wins hundreds of wars.
Good is always remembered,
good needs no monuments to remember.
Neither war nor evil can defame good
every eye has some tears
if good hurts these tears fall from eyes
but for bad, eyes have no emotions.
There are many songs for good to sing
how many songs evil has?