Poems by Maryse Saldanha

Eternal Night

a poem by Maryse Saldanha

I eagerly await for sundown
For the moment of pleasure with it that dawns
A time to leave all world behind
And be with him, in a world only mine

I count each moment every second that builds
Pleasure awaits me, sweet moments of bliss
In his arms my world just him and me
Tender moments of love when he drowns in me

His gentle lips on my body feel
Pristine drops of rain, that revive and heal
His comforting touch to my senses reveals
Dewy gladness and joy that fill my being

Every pore in my body yearns for his touch
As his hot velvet tongue evokes in me lust
His gentle loving, his soulful eyes
Takes me beyond to experience new high

Leave the world behind, let all time stand still
As in your arms I savour sweet bliss
Just you and me in the eternal night
Making sweet love in the moonlight


a poem by Maryse Saldanha

The flame wavers in the corner
As gentle winds threaten to blow it out
Will this flutter last thru the night?
Or whither away like it never was

The fragile child lay in the hospital bed
Her loved ones from a distance watch
Prayer on their lips, hope in their hearts
That she brave the stormy night

All of five she lay there still
Painful tubes across her body lay
My heart reaches out where my hands cannot
My little baby, my life be yours I pray

The flame flickers as darkness threatens
Hands reach out to protect the flame
The tears flow as I bow in prayer
O Redeemer to thee I implore

In the darkest moment the flame is the brightest
Giving light to all shrouded in darkness
It burns away whilst it gives light to all
Losing itself away

My baby my angel please brave the night
Brave this night and let the storm pass
Let me hold you in my arms again
Let me once more hear your gleeful laugh

I watch her as her little body trembles
It pains me to see her thus
Let it not be her, I beg of thee
Be fair to my precious my only child

The flame still flickers tho seemingly bright
Just brave the sordid night
Fight the storm and come to me
Let me embrace you angel, my life

Thinking of you

a poem by Maryse Saldanha

Behold another day has dawned
Wake up to a bright new dawn
My thoughts wander, where’d he be?
Still in bed or greeting the morn

I wish I could see you awake from your slumber
See you smile in your sleep or would it be a grouch?
Gather you in my arms, feel your unshaven cheek
So bristly and rough yet so warm

Let my senses be filled in the morning
With your scent so fresh only yours
To be carried thru the day, roaming my mind
Every moment wanting you, to sweet moments holding on

When will you come to me?
When will these boundaries fall?
When comes the moment for us
Just you and me and the morn

Let me be lost in your embrace
Just us and heavenly grace
Come to me sweet love
I pine for you and your love


a poem by Maryse Saldanha

Back from the weekend
Back to another day of work
Back to what must be done
So little done yet so much gone by
Moments that could never be undone

Must I cry? Must I feel?
Why bother if it had to be done?
Just leave yesterday behind
And move on more wise
Leave all folly far behind

Let’s make love

a poem by Maryse Saldanha

I close my eyes and fell you move
In perfect rhythm I sing to your tune
Each skillful plunge makes me moan
Fill me with your love and make me whole

Your fingers make music on my breast
To your circling tongue my pearl garden fests
Together they play, in pleasure I writhe
Make me rise high up to the stars above

I feel you in me I taste you now
Filling my being intoxicating my mind
I lap the strength as you give to me all
Take me once again and make me yours

Love leads me on

a poem by Maryse Saldanha

Complete silence engulfs me
As thru the crowded street I walk
I see them chatter but hear I none
Alone, dreadful silence all around

Many emotions cross my mind
The silent voices echoing still
I try run away from them but they blind
Fall I and rise, hearing their laughter still

Why do you mock me thus?
When all I have done is love?
In giving I have done no wrong
In return nothing I ask

The voices continue to mock
Helpless I in the crowded street
Then a hand reaches out to it I hold on
But his face I cannot see

He leads me on thru the alleys and lanes
Onto green grass and flowered plains
As we walk I see the darkness now gone
Rises the sun for me, in his arms dawn


a poem by Maryse Saldanha

Seems just like yesterday when we took solemn vows
Together we’ve laughed and fought, but fonder got
Now to make us complete here’s our nugget of gold
A new heart to love a new heart to hold


a poem by Maryse Saldanha

The little baby sleeps
Unaware of all around
Of the people who beside her crib weep
Or the men who silently watch
The lifeless body they bathe and dress
The handsome coat shining bright
The smiling face seems to mock them all
“Here I go at last while you all bawl”

Roses in the Backseat

a poem by Maryse Saldanha

The roses lay on the backseat
Uncaring words play on my mind
Tears threaten to moisten my cheek
I hold back and try calm my mind

Must you be so painfully insensitive?
When the moments we share are sparse
Don’t lie but at least you could try
To let not the moments we share seem a farce

The roses that lay on the backseat
Soon in a garbage heap will lie
If the moments we share are not too many
Why not make each moment sublime?

Yes there are many others
Who in your words, ‘stellar’ could be
But it is you I pine to be with
You are ‘stellar’ for me

Why do you hurt me thus?
Then again why do you care for me?
What is it that makes you thus?
What do I do your mind to ease?

The roses lay on the backseat
Careless thoughts tear them apart
Beautiful now painfully broken
No tear can soothe the pain, not I

Your love so sweet

a poem by Maryse Saldanha

It’s not about the orgasm,
But the time spent with you
A time when I can hold you in my arms
And feel your cheek against my cheek

I can’t wait for the days to end
Until the time when you’ll be in my arms
Then just you and me and love so sweet
In your embrace, sweet soft love

Your embraces aren’t too many
But in them comfort I find
I wish theses moments would freeze
And all else would cease
Just you and me, making love and feeling loved

The harsh truth can never go away
For me you are a dream
You come to me and you make me smile
Then just like a dream you go away
Again I wait for the day to cease
Whilst I relive the dream of your love so sweet

Even now your unshaven cheek
Grazes my face and unrests me
I see, I touch, for your taste I lust
Not for the orgasms but your moments with me
Your embrace I long to feel
Let me drown in your love so sweet

Come walk with me

a poem by Maryse Saldanha

When I met you at first
I didn’t know what to expect
There was fire in your heart
A void I could detect

Your harsh words spoke of your plight
There was something in there
I wanted to reach out
But I couldn’t comprehend how

Then we met again, you spoke to me
You bared your soul for me to see
I wished to soothe your pain, but there’s far too much
I chose not to leave and stay by your side

Let me walk with you, let me share your pain
In it nothing I lose but your friendship I gain
Perhaps not forever but whatever little time
Let me hold your hand let me walk by your side

In life sorrows are many, but there are joys too
Both grey clouds and sunshine for me and you
Give me some of your pain take some of my joy
Come hold my hand come walk by side

The waiting end

a poem by Maryse Saldanha

Watchful eyes await your return
Longing ears eager your voice to hear
Lonely arms want to hold you near
Pining I await your return

The time though short seems far too long
Like ages between us have come and gone
Yet as if just minutes before you lay in my arms
Your body scents play fresh on my mind

Come to me my beloved my sweet
Let me hold you close and your sweetness feel
Let us dance together like there is no end
Let us feel the joy as the waiting now ends

Sweet soft lips

a poem by Maryse Saldanha

Your sweet soft lips
Your gentle touch
Your smile, your voice
Your scent, your hug
All come to my mind
I pine for you
So close yet so far
Ur memory plays

All those beautiful evenings
All those wonderful nights
Sweet moments of pain
When my soul you touch
Come hold me now
Let me feel you again
Let not the distance grow
Let’s be one again

Make love to me
Until the stars burn out
For me there’s none but you
For whom my heart reaches out
Be there sunshine or rain
Hard winter or storm
In you comfort I seek
In you shelter I find

Your kisses sweet honey
Between my bosom flows
Deep down to new depths
A new story unfolds
Is it lust or love?
Care not I wanting more
Just promise to make
Each moment more whole

Silence Surrounds

a poem by Maryse Saldanha

Papers piled up
So many mails to be read
The work day has begun
Now all run till it ends
I sit at my desk
But heres not my mind
My mind wanders far
To a faraway land

A land so different
Another world it seems
Where I all alone
Thoughts and emotions for company
In them now I drown
Feeling so lost and lonely
Going down and down
To the bottom of the sea

My mind chaos
Clearly think cannot I
What be it? What went wrong?
Why does it make me sad?
Around the dark of the sea
All by myself am I
No laughter or tears
Dreadful silence surrounds

Blown away by the wind

a poem by Maryse Saldanha

The leaves of autumn gently fall
Even at the slightest hint of breeze
Then how must I alone withstand
The great storm that brews within

Broken soul, no were to go
Even the gods against me have turned
Will the storm soon pass?
Or will it wipe me out?
Try overcome. Impossible. I can’t

Surrender myself to the raging winds
Wherever it leads I’ll go
Mercilessly it blows destroying all as it goes
Calm down I pray, heeding not it angrily roars

“Mere mortal am I, please spare me” I cry
But clearly there will be no respite
The wind blows away, and I no longer am
Just a dead leaf in the wind blown away.