Poems by Kavitha Mohan

Silent Touch

a poem by Kavitha Mohan

My ears I strained, did I hear a knock?
Oh! There it was again, did I hear someone’s call?
My eyes peered, did I see someone coming?
I turned the door knob,
I was sure she had come.
The door opened slowly
And I looked out expectantly,
But, what did I behold?

The same sight as before,
A lonely emptiness was all I saw,
With no one there, Oh! no one at all.
The sounds I heard, the sight I saw
Were in my imagination.
Nothing real at all.
The wind blew as gently as before,
Soothing my heart, brushing my brow
As if to say “Don’t look a picture of woe”
The trees nodded their heads in company
As if singing to me a lullaby.
The stars they seemed to me winking,
In their naughty mood they were twinkling.
The moon peeped out to say “hello!”
There is more to the world than sorrow.
Whether a man is alone or in company
Life does not stretch to infinity.
Everyone is a stranger here
But some become close and dear,
Life is short, everyone lives it,
Some enjoy it, some just spend it.

Just Being Me

a poem by Kavitha Mohan

He came into my life like any other person,
but somewhere a chord was struck
and a sure of feeling suddenly seemed to surface.
And we found ourselves talking more, laughing more and feeling more.

He doesn’t take me to the top of the world,
but ensures that my feet remain firmly on the ground.
He doesn’t make me feel lonely
and he certainly brings out the best in me.

He never says ‘I care the world about you’;
but his helping hand is always there when I need it.
He doesn’t promise me the stars of heaven;
but I know he would travel a thousand miles to be with me.

With him there are no dos and don’ts,
‘cause he accepts me as I am.’
With all my shortcomings and flaws
with him I can be just ME.