Poems by Jyoti

Am I… really?

a poem by Jyoti

Am I really charmed by that bed of tulips
Or simply feasting my eyes to the fill
Am I intoxicated by that vine of ripe grapes
Or just finding an excuse to lie still

Am I optimistic about every golden drop of sun
Or just trying to give my mood; an uplift
Am I really waiting for mist to dissolve
Or just waiting for answers to life’s quiz

Am I praying for the fawn to get back to its herd
Or truly experiencing that separation pain
Am I really finding beauty in just everything
Or plainly, have I just fallen in love again

Mysteries of tomorrow

a poem by Jyoti

Alluring and sitting pretty,
in the mysteries of tomorrow,
our future appears a shy ‘n’ blushing bride.
That shows its glimpse with a lift of veil;
with somber face but turbulence inside.
The mystic of her enticing beauty;
pulls me to itself at a crazy pace.
The aura of her divine charm but;
is beyond all compare and race.
I look with dismayed eyes and gaze;
at the closets she’s brought along.
With the same sense of untouched purity;
as her bright, flowing red sarong.
Which shelf of her closet carries my love story;
is something, I’m dying to find out.
What gift would she offer this visitor of hers;
a fairy tale kiss or a hurting flout.
From the host of books in those closets;
I just want to find out my chapter.
Promise I’ll only rewrite unpleasant pages;
only those with tinge of sorrow’s specter.
God please divert her attention when I steal it;
keep her occupied with some arresting anecdote.
Promise that I’ll replace it deftness ‘n’ ease;
and she’ll never know, change of unpleasant quote.

Prayer at the Hospital

a poem by Jyoti

The most excruciating pain of all possible
Is that of seeing your loved ones in pain
It hurts, it kills from within
When you see them resigning from life gradually
The angst, the fear, the torment multiplies
At the sight of their reverberating pain
You stand helplessly,
knowing not what to do
And curse the goddamn nurse for that injection
Which sends shivers down that little body
Each time she wakes from a fitful sleep
You can see in those large but gloomy eyes,
The signs of her struggle for life
Her courage to smile with such dignity
Makes you roll back your very own tears
With all her strength she speaks to you
I’m fine, you go to sleep now
And your heart reaches out and yells within
Why this innocent child of all?
She attempts making a light conversation
To convince you she is but alright
But you can see beneath that fake smile
And read her inside out
She has lost all dreams,
Has no hopes for tomorrow
Yet is striving to live every approaching moment
Oh God! Just see that petite body
On that white bed sheet
Its a child who wants and has a right to live
Why can’t you give her
What other kids her age have
Life and health in their average
If not the very best form???


a poem by Jyoti

I waited so long for clouds to dissolve
But they seem to like me lil’ too much
I tried tracing the proverbial ‘silver line’
But realistically, there’s nothing as such

Coming in all shades of black n white n grey
From me they’ve hidden their famous blue
A dash of pathos they’ve planted in me
Making life a saga of colorless hue

Once I recall, I was in love with them
When they stood there, up above so high
Now they’ve descended to envelop me till I choke
And I pray vehemently for their return to sky

Go away Clouds! please go away from my life
Let vibrant colors fill my palette again
Take a flight back to your hometown now
And for a change allow me to stand to gain

Interplay – Colours and Memories

a poem by Jyoti

Bright pulsating colors
adding vibrance to my life
Giving an air of peppiness
a zing thing, a little hype

Coming in all shades of red
my spectrum of life zooms in
Taking me to a land of myriad images
images that are my second skin

My flight of fancy takes me
to an island where just love stays
where all’s there is you and me
and my playful memory sways

The irradiscent ray of each gem
of my memory emits a color
A color remarkably original
captivating my senses like no other

Down a trip to memory lane
and I have seen a virtual rainbow
That is a zillion times more colorful
than anyone of you would know

Wanna see these colors I’ve seen
just take time out for self
Walk in those streets and climb those trees
pick your favorite book from shelf

Just be yourself once in a day
do things for none but only your pleasure
Trust me, colors will run to you
add life to memories you treasure

In love with you…

a poem by Jyoti

God! O God!
Why I fell in love
with this flirtatious guy
you sent from above.
His looks, his voice
his naughty smile
attracts me, lures me
in the sweetest of style.
I dote on him
but he’s surely a dolt
who understands no expression
and gives words more jolt.
He’s the prime focus
he’s the best of all.
So, if I love him
why call it my fault?