Is this love?

a poem by Sudipto Bhattacharya

How will I ever know that you were never meant to be mine?
That is why perhaps when we parted you told me that I am a swine.

You swiped your credit card
Made me feel a discard
For all those gifts that I couldn’t buy you.

“Very good,” I said
When you told me that I am too old to be in bed
With you
I said so because I love you
But you wanted the sugary word ‘love’
For me to utter for you.

“Well, enough is enough”,
“Stop it”,
“Stop it now”,

And finally, “Get out of my bed, get out of my life.”
Ended our relationship
Nice it was
Nice you were
Nice was our son
I know you will say, “My son.”

But wait, what did you gain?
Did you ever wonder you were outright vain?
I used to wonder often
Is love sex?
Or is it that sex is love?

I hope someday our son will grow tall and strong
Will separate this thing called love from sex
Will know the difference so well
That when he has sex with a woman the earth will shake
And he’ll tell her the story of a boy
Who always drank his milkshake.

Your time starts now.