Poems by Hrishikesh Amravatkar

Each Pulse

a poem by Hrishikesh Amravatkar

Heart beats with pulses infinite,
To carve the history of our life.

Golden days come blue days go,
But their fossiles remain so.

Life imitates the sea shore,
The footprints lasts for a while then scored.

Deeds both good and bad,
Makes our life happy and sad.

Dreams of goal are caught and missed,
With days so hot and night so chilled.

Do we really live our life,
With stress and strain to fight.

Everyone’s craving for happiness,
By the means making them sleepless.

So where are we,
What for.

We live here blind,
Is there a meaning of such a life.

Since we are made to live it,
Just live it with zeal and spirit.

Mother Teresa

a poem by Hrishikesh Amravatkar

She was a shadow of God,
Who worked socially a lot.

She was a fountain of love, peace and unity.
Serving the poor and sufferers was her charity.

Every sufferer, was given shelter,
Without any expectations by Mother.

Unloved were loved by her Mother,
Due to her serving nature.

We all praise her deeds,
Although, we lost whom we need.

She left behind her foot-prints to guide us,
To make the world’s picture harmonious.

The Bright Darkness

a poem by Hrishikesh Amravatkar

Darkness hurled around it,
Lit a candle in it.

To light a poor man’s book in hand,
And let him read as much he can.

Writing the history of future,
By the great hands which nurture.

Troubling him the present,
His poorness and the books legend.

Candle burning still for a while,
Bright or Dark forward he writes.

The Dreams of Stars

a poem by Hrishikesh Amravatkar

Wasn’t the night so bright!
Wasn’t the day so cool!
The darkness was along its might,
Stars arrived at the school.

Believe it or not,
Each has a glitter,
Each has a thought,
To be a trendsetter.

Too far from us,
But still in our vision.
It pricks my conscious
But close to my cushion.

Freedom for All

a poem by Hrishikesh Amravatkar

Lovely birds are beautiful creatures;
Gift to our wonderful nature.

With freedom they fly,
Up in the blue sky.

Birds are innocent,
Their sight makes us pleasant.

Like us they are not lazy,
For ever they are busy.

Birds help us a lot;
But are, always shot.

To kill it is a curse;
Which must be given up by us.

We should be their caretakers,
To save from extinct, these creatures.

Birds give us messages when they sing,
And urge for our freedom through their wings.

Reason to Live

a poem by Hrishikesh Amravatkar

Here we are in the arms of one another,
and still go on searching for each other.
Do you know the reason why
tears on the pie?
Insufficiency keeping us awake,
without sleep night or day.
We felicitously choose our grade,
as feeble guy with no fate.
All goes wrong and then we feel,
that we are truly useless still.
But can you see the sun after night?
It breaks the darkness with it’s might.
Though your sun may rise too late,
but there’s nothing to say about your fate.
So keep the faith till the end,
still there’s chance you may get.