Poems by Deepthi

Ode to the Lady of Hope

a poem by Deepthi

Often when my mind wanders,
And my thoughts wade through the rising waters
I cling to thee Lady of Hope

When I often think I might cease to be,
And become a past amidst the future
Your eyes set their gleams on me.

When I stare at the stars,
And think about the times I’ll never do that again
You lend your rope to climb up and be amidst the stars.

When I think that this is the last second I might breath,
Your breath wades off the ghastly air clogged in my lungs.

Oft when I know that I have to build my broken wings,
You lend me hammer to make them stronger.

When I think that this might be the last word I’m penning,
You come along and give me a wand which creates history.

I bow unto thee Lady Of hope
Because the world would never revolve without your touch
Humanity would never see the beacon without thine lamp
Lives would never live if not for thine breath
How could I thank thee Lady of Hope
For you have changed lives and live among the Gods of Heaven.


a poem by Deepthi

O ardent death,
The great leveller of mankind,
Thou art the supreme,
Thou art the friend of life.
Thou art the fear personified,
Thou art the angel of heaven and hell,
Thou art the mentor of mankind,
Thou art giveth a green mossy bed,
Ardent angel of eternal sleep,
Throw your lulling poppy seed around me,
And embalm my aching head with thine presence divine,
Give me my sleep before my verses and thoughts ceases to be.

Ode to the Lady of Dreams

a poem by Deepthi

O lady of the wonderful dreams
I bow unto thine felicitous crown
Unheard melodies I do hear
Strung from thine harp in the night
Thou art innatal
Thou art mysterious
Thou play tunes on the deep secrets of the heart
Thine melodies are unheard whispers from the land of fantasy
Thine eyes are filled with seduction
Thine garments are strung with the scented flowers from the Garden of Eden
Thine mystic presence stirs the heart with joy
Thou art gives happiness which is even greater than the joy of Heaven
Thou shines among the pleasant images
That present themselves as heaven covers the earth with stars
Thou art dwells among the mysteries that remain unsolved
Thou art the Queen of Mankind
O lady of the dreams never ending
I wish to dwell among the mysteries of thine heart
And to remain cuddled forever in the warmth of thine hands.

To Mr. Dawson

a poem by Deepthi

Dear Mr.Dawson,

Today while I was in sleep,
Strange things came to me
Straight from the north
Strange faces and dead beloveds
Seem to stand before my face
Historians and scientists demanded my minds test
Alexander with his night cap on
And socrates with a handy joke book
Einstein peered at my face through his microscope
Shelly and shakespeare hit my knuckles and demanded my spectacles
Wordsworth with an uprooted tree
Invited me for a tea
Young with his modulus
And robert with his cell structure
Turned me upside down
Sherlock holmes with his peering hand glass
Intruded into all my private affairs
Newton with his brains
Looked like a starry star
Fleming with all his scientific flem
Stood beside and fed me penicillin
Hamlet came alive and declared me his soliloquy
Poor oliver however he tried was no match to him
While queen elizabeth beckoned me to her history
Hitler pronounced his world war two history
While even telepathists and mind readers too surrounded me
All were a trouble to my dreams
Dear Dawson my tale is so mysterious that it is not clear to us
Dreams too continue
And I woke up with a startled look to find me late to school
Where I would find them again
Troubling me to my knuckles
And frightening me through their lives