Poems by Chitra Sridar

The Years Fly

a poem by Chitra Sridar

The years are flying by
Tears no longer flow
What that could imply
I truly dread
But I know deep in me
I couldn’t ever forget

I wish I could remember
Only with a smile
But the sadness creeps in
Every single time
Only because I realize
You left me behind

What you bequeathed
Will last me a lifetime
I am lucky to have known
Your love, your life and you
You inspire, guide from beyond
And I am less alone

My life will be complete
If I am half as giving
Part as forgiving
It gives me relief to know
That when its my time
I will find you again.

Little Journeys

a poem by Chitra Sridar

Little Journeys that need a hand
Adrift against currents unknown
Flailing to reach the bema of land
Jading one that’s weary and worn.

Mighty peaks and Unsounded canyons
Draw the needed and needy alike
As unseen ache each abandons
At marshy Grasslands they softly strike

Tender hilltops surely evitable
“Heaving climb ain’t worth the view”
Velvety Tulips and Violets adorable
Little of Merit they have a clue

Redwoods and Alps invite their share
Green Paddies beckon sweat and blood
But to him without Two meals square
Unlikely awe for a Mississippi flood

Retribution Bird

a poem by Chitra Sridar

Stabbed at night, again and again
“Et tu, Brute?” words I crave
Body’s a shrine; now massacred
But the soul desecrated. Dig my grave.

Paralyzed, mind lagged behind time
Realization hurt when it came
I cleansed my skin till it shone
While every crevice wept in shame.

Millions of strange shadows creeping behind
Hate, Despair, Anguish and Vengeance
Each burning like a torch that never dampens
Cursing his roar of laughter at my pitiful defense.

Every night dark wings flopping
In my heart. Each a Retribution bird.
An avenging Vulcan with its claws sheathed
Justice, Satisfaction; Sense comes in a poor third.

Yours Forever

a poem by Chitra Sridar

What is this fascination with life
When exquisite death is so exotic?
So few fathom what life is about:
Unimaginable agony amid ordinary beings.

When you long for faith renewed
Enveloped in a season of despair
Sorrow the heart defaces
Until its seal is embossed.
Try and fail to sever all ties
Leaving you neither separate nor together
It ain’t life’s new songs that
Bring bittersweet pleasure, but
Emerging from your chrysalis of pain
In Death you will find a new world blossomed

When your garments and flesh are
In anguish; Never despair
Death undoes with its force your cries.
Why the endless patience with life,
Despite its careless cruelty?
Why ail at innocent Death?
Life comes and goes like rain
Until Death soothes the ache of life.
Life is for but a moment
Death’s an eternity; yours forever.

The Fork in the Road

a poem by Chitra Sridar

Time and again in the mystery of life
Our travels bring us to a fork in the road
In a very unfamiliar landscape.

Ingrained ethical opinions
Might force the one path
While the other tantalizes with dazzling bounties.

Either choice implies expectation
Of life or of the journey.
Him or me? Truth or motive?

Left, right. Good, bad.
In, out. Up, down.
Here, there. Beautiful, ugly.

Knowledge that we’ll be just as damned
Following the one as the other.
When its necessary to unify our divided mind.

Choice results in consequences
We won’t have the power to alter.
Woe betide us if we get it wrong!

To make an intelligent decision,
Or the Right decision?
To walk or run away?

All it amounts to is the self.
Engage our egos or give happiness.
The startling answer chooses the road.

Sweet, Sweet Death

a poem by Chitra Sridar

Sweet sweet death, far away in the silent land
Bring thy peace, fulfill my dreams
Shred my cares, strike my love of the living
Set me free from desires, from hope and belief
Whence will come thy fatal dart?
Send me soaring, swift and aflame
Thoughts of you sends quivers in my heart
Fluttering wings exquisitely painful.
This heart was woven of human sorrow and cares
Blended with joy, mirth, love, desire and hate
Some will remember me when I’ve gone away
These have seen me; heard my music.
Known my slumber and waking; seen my colors
Loved and proudly befriended.
Every single life breaks in scrawny and wailing
But the grace of permanence has varied flavours.
The dawn and day was not my choice
Let least thy marvelous sunset be mine.
The early rays of kindness firmly washed away by pain
The quick stir of wonder was but a misty glaze.
They are not long, neither weeping nor laughter
They have no portion in us after we pass the gate.
The days of wine and roses but last an instant
But our path merges for all time to come.
Thus I welcome with my outstretched arms:
Sunnily did I live and thus shall I die.

Of Orchids and Roses

a poem by Chitra Sridar

A wallowing Orchid
Gently discarded
Fallen though
Its spine protected.

Once sacred, now
A mere aggravation
Shunned as a black
Spider. Realization.

A Daffodil’s grace
Soft as an Iris
Replaced unasked: long
Stemmed rose and kiss.

Tender stance
Sheared deeply
Empty words, empty caress
Wasted if not veritably.

Once, its purity lighted
A sea of despair
Bringing delight

Eyes downcast
Sick and weary
Of user and uses
Withdraws steadily.

Why people cry at weddings

a poem by Chitra Sridar

A weeping woman in the front pew
Often mocked worse than a shameless shrew
Shedding tears on such a happy day
What’s eating her anyway?

Two people so much in love
Pledging life before the Lord above
A memorable moment shared with kin
Doesn’t dim the smile – Should crack a grin.

But little is evident of the changes brought
To family and friends, the couple and the lot.
Everyday lives turned upside down
So many compromises for the Wedding gown.

A chum broods alone having lost a chessmate
Stares at the fire wondering “Call or wait?”
A buddy takes the boat out without the crew
With only sail and water for a lousy view.

A mother thinks twice before a visit
Should I intrude in a room dimly lit?
The doves welcome all to share their cup
Allies decide to let them live it up.

Friends and family alter their lives around
To accommodate the newcomer with joy profound
They bear the loss of a dear friend
While warm wishes to the blessed they send.

The Park Bench

a poem by Chitra Sridar

As I sat on a little bench
Amidst the swaying bushes and trees,
The scene before me melted
Replaced by one stashed in a freeze.

The bench then was cozy
With two intimate friends
Whose joy was in each other
Not in a condo or a Benz.

Late into the dusk
On a fine August evening
The pale bluish light
Enveloped us like a ring.

Each slight touch and kiss
Exploded a bomb in my heart
And no one but I knew it
Couldn’t tell pleasure and pain apart.

What if he knew of
The ache that he wrought
Would he still have left me
Lost and completely distraught?

He treated me like a goddess
I can admit he had quipped:
“For a goddess would not be a goddess
If she were not worshiped.”

I know not whether to blame myself
Still my heart feels so bitter.
My mind rationalizes, but
The thoughts have lost their glitter.

Neither helps to comfort the absolute,
The verity, the truth – He is not mine.
Too soon before I’ll see him again
For he is forever in my dreams and shrine.

A gentle breeze blew away my vision
Killing the soft smile I seldom sported.
I stood up wearily to head back home
A long walk ahead and yes, unescorted.