Poems by Bindhiya

An angel of selflessness

a poem by Bindhiya

Alone along the quiet valley,
Stood she in a delusive qualm
Around lie the vast emptiness,
Filling the soul with a strange sting of pain.

Buried within the small heart,
Lies a huge hoard of love
Beneath every humane mind
Does the wonderword “sharing” flow.

“Carry this throughout the vast life”
Said the inner conscience from within
“Care and kindness together with
Will heal all your trouble and dismay”

Determined thought led the way
Thro’ trails of the path she had long cast away.
Different though the feeling,
In it lie embedded profound peace.

Earnestly, she briskly walked along the lustrous green fields,
Towards the early dawn,
Enlightening the person she was,
To an immediate angel of selflessness.

Famished lands bloomed beautiful blossoms,
Surrounding her with immense satisfaction,
Fortunate was she with such enormous contentment,
Letting away the world to flow with its own reaction.

Elixir of Life

a poem by Bindhiya

   The tender whisper of the growing foetus in a womb.
   The loud shriek of the new born in the labor room.
   The lovely chuckle of the sweet little toddler.
   The cry of agony when anyone hurts.
   The sound of relief in every pain.
   The excitement within during every appreciation.
   The wonder word in everyone’s life.
   I’ll keep calling you forever and always,

For you live within me,
As I am a part of you.

Life – a marvel

a poem by Bindhiya

Rising high in the pavilion of the mind.
Our love grows as our hearts bind.

Laughing in life at all odds.
Accepting fate with just nods.

Journey thro’ this tedious path,
As though, it was just a cool shower bath.

Cherishing all the joyous memories,
Kicking off all the troublesome worries.

Let us start enjoying this as a marvel,
For life is the most beautiful travel.

We lend and borrow in life

a poem by Bindhiya

Living life the way it comes
Brings happiness with all its force
Being happy with what we get
Lets life move smoothly in its pace.

Respecting life, not just ours,
But all those who encounter us for
just a fraction of hours.

Time may help us know people,
But only seconds to loose.

Loving life for all it is blessed with,
As peace exists in true love.
Blessings are both for joy and sorrow,
Coz’ in life’s cycle we lend as well borrow.

Thank you!

a poem by Bindhiya

Thank You!
It is too, too less for You.
But that is the only word
To express my gratitude to You.

I feel there is no one as You,
All over the world
For You are the greatest
Among all.

I do not know
How I’m going to repay You,
For all that You are doing for me.

Why do You love me so much,
I am afraid,
For I cannot loose You.

I am afraid,
For I cannot face the world without You,
Thank You!

For the love You are showering upon me,
Thank You!!!

Life moves on

a poem by Bindhiya

There may be,
Loads of thunders, enormous storms,
But life moves on.

There may be,
Successive hurdles, huge boulders,
But life moves on.

There may be,
Consecutive success, great failures,
But life moves on.

There may be,
A bed of roses, pathway of thorns,
But life moves on.

There may be,
Hoard of happiness, world of sorrows,
But life moves on.

But why?

For God has made us
To live this life,
To move on with this life,
To relish this life,
To cherish this life,
Our life-
A life of Complexities!!
A life of Controversies!!
A life in its true sense,
A life itself !!!

Life in it’s true sense

a poem by Bindhiya

Life is a book,
Cherish it lovingly.

Life is a battle,
Fight it bravely.

Life is a race,
Run it courageously.

Life is a boat,
Row it swiftly.

Life is a song,
Sing it beautifully.

Life is a mountain,
Climb it diligently.

Life is a surgery,
Perform it carefully.

Life is a story,
Write it precisely.

Life is a glass vessel,
Handle it safely.

Life is a God’s gift,
So live it intelligently.

That Something

a poem by Bindhiya

Something that everyone aspires for,
Something that everyone craves for,
Something that everyone searches for,
Something that binds people together,
Something that evokes pleasure,
Something that creates everyone,
Something that prevails in everyone,
Something that gives happiness to the soul,
Something that brings peace to the mind,
Something that builds relationship,

Reformed thoughts – Friendship

a poem by Bindhiya

The most beautiful relationship,

In everyone dwells this wonderful aspect
So let Us relieve Our minds of any suspect

Crazy are some who say Nay!
For they haven’t relished it’s fullest gay.

Blessed are those with good friends
Cause we’ll find them at all ends.

And so have I acquired a wonderful one,
Who is just not only filled with fun.

Aiming at the eternal star
Thoughts that reach beyond far

Grateful I’m to this marvelous friend
Who has reformed both my thought
Process and trend.

Wishing You have a peaceful life
Happiness, bliss and a beautiful wife

Hoping our friendship continues forever
Till We leave this earth and are
Gone forever and ever.