Poems by Ashima

And the Moon was shining on us

a poem by Ashima

Dreaming our dreams together
Hand in hand – Walking by those familiar roads at night
Dim street light, our glowing innocent faces
My favourite song, your best answer in class
Sitting idle staring at the sky
Discussing life ahead and days gone by
I wanted to be a rock star and you wanted to be a successful guy
And the moon was shining on us

The road divided, we had to part
Our promises galore never kept us apart
Different worlds yet intertwined
And the moon kept shining on us

Then came a dust storm
Piercing eyes full of vanity and tears, I was running ahead
Heavy heart kept turning back
I’d come a long way
You must be dreaming your dreams as well, holding someone else’s hand
I ran faster but couldn’t go too far
And the moon was shining on you and me

Caught the first bus to reach my destination
The destination of love and tranquility
At the outset, it felt warm and nice inside
But it wasn’t going where I had to go
The music it played was too loud, rhythm too slow
I jumped off the bus carrying my broken heart
Now I’m walking on the same roads, hoping against hope
That the moon shines on us

Fly like a bird again

a poem by Ashima

I want to go back

To the times when I could spread my wings and fly
Soar freely in the open sky
Without a care in the world
Go high up and then swirl

Sunshine or moonlight
Me forever shining bright
Smiling with the weather
Fluttering my feather

When it rained
I would dance
It did pain but I still took a chance

Exploring new skies
Spirit always high
Like that I want to fly, once again