Sweet Wickedness

a poem by Elaine E. Howie

Come here she whispers as she lays on the sand
I have really never had need or thought for a man
I have searched round the world
For a earth based girl
And now you jump from the stars
Sweat plastered on the bars
Singing a tune only I can hear
Wrapping your arms around me without fear

So as I shimmer and shake
I commend your pleasured place
I keep some line on my lips
And your lust I just sip
Erotic you are divine
Short changing all wine
Sex appeal your default
Our love in the darkness lost

I am yours to withhold
Not concerned to control
Your face caressed indeed
Your breast sensual proceeds
Let me hold close your taste
For this sweet wickedness I shall embrace
And long after the night has gone with the wind
I will have held your thoughts my friend
So so sweet is the wickedness of
The End