Poems by Angadh Singh

The Morning Walk

a poem by Angadh Singh

The tranquility of a breaking dawn,
disturbed by the vehement chirping of birds.

A walk through the thin fragrant mist,
the passionate embrace of a bedraggled lover.

The flocks of starlings flying overhead,
not bound by chains of time or wretchedness.

The hustling leaves of benevolent trees,
try to whisper and ask me to thank the holy one.

The serene water of an oscitant lake,
the divine ablutions cleanse my heart and soul.

The gracious face of mother nature who nurtures,
Visible to her sons who wake betimes every morning.

Ageless Foolishness

a poem by Angadh Singh

Dark were those days,
When you walked away from my life.
For I shut myself from this world,
To avoid fear and rejection.

Months of intense speculation followed,
Familiar closed doors and suicide notes.
Quit the good’ol things I did in my teenage,
Far from winning I just didn’t want to lose.

I sat pondering over the unfortunate past,
I should confess I didn’t make a thing out of it.
With all my time spent and energy dissipated,
What was I doing, being optimistic or plain stupid???

And just when one of those days was coming to an end,
I see dark clouds looming about in the menacing sky.
With an intuition that my fears would soon come true,
I wished to put an end to the eon of misery.

Now I faintly recall how genteel raindrops of monsoon fell,
Kissed the ground and enlivened a plethora of dead cells.
And how I felt still alive or still a fool probably,
Rejuvenated, I knew I was ready to play new game again.

Together someday…

a poem by Angadh Singh

You flow in the ganges divine,
washing the sins of the holy.
I reside in a sinners wine,
and cause this world endless misery.
Though we exist in different worlds all together
we were destined to find each other,
and live together forever…

The lonely tree

a poem by Angadh Singh

I watched them as the sun rose slowly,
they both seemed perfect strangers to me.

A tree whose shade never stopped to spread,
And a girl who refrained from that tree.

I waited there ‘n’ soon it was noon,
their’s wasn’t a pleasant sight to see.

The sun grew harsh and the shade still there,
the girl chose to suffer and lonely was the tree.

I wished that I could stay even longer,
soon the sun would plunge into a distant sea.

It would be dark in a couple of hours,
and I’d have moved if I wasn’t that very tree.

I miss you

a poem by Angadh Singh

My life was a game of hide ‘n’ seek,
it(love) found me first and let you hide.

My life was still a game of hide ‘n’ seek,
it chose me to feel sick deep inside.

My life was then a struggle, a search,
it tormented me as you continued to hide.

My life still continued to be a search,
I pretended to quit but you knew I lied.

Now my life is a sickness, a horrid dream,
I miss you and wait for you to come outside.

Pray, say a word or two

a poem by Angadh Singh

Pray, say a word or two,
before we sink into this ocean of ignorance.
Pray, say a word or two,
before we end our lives in defiance.

Pray, say a word or two,
before we kill a man of thee.
Pray say a word or two,
before this world refuses to see.

Pray, say a word or two,
before her tears are lost in this downpour of lust.
Pray, say a word or two,
before we humans ruin the garden of trust.

Pray, say a word or two,
before the sky falls down on the shelterless.
Pray, say a word or two,
before a paradise is given away to the merciless.

Pray, say a word or two,
before I lose my faith in you.
pray, say a word or two,
pray, say a word or two.

The heaven in your eyes

a poem by Angadh Singh

A walk across the heavens meadows,
a ride trough the fires of hell.
A world above the skies came alive,
a picture too exotic to tell.
A struggle for survival after death,
I lay motionless under an uncast spell.
A cloud after another kept passing by,
blinded by love ,and thus I fell.
could you please let it all stay,
I swear I’ll never kiss goodbye.
All that I longed for until today,
I found it when I looked into your eye.

Eternal Love

a poem by Angadh Singh

When the day will mate with night,
the sun and moon will collide.
And when god can be trusted no more,
the gates of heaven lead you to hell.
When hearts and brain work in unison,
humanity will be questioned, guess vanish.
It is then your love will loosen its grip,
when no kingdom, no king will remain to banish.

I leave it to you…

a poem by Angadh Singh

Hey brother!!! do betray,
cause you know you’ll get away.
Kill the faith!
Cause you know you don’t have to pay.
Monsters tread your head,
people you murdered, humanity is dead.
Guess god is colourblind,
to see all this bloodshed so red.


a poem by Angadh Singh

He lights a candle, for no light at all.
He climbs a million times, to remain alongside all.
He is never at rest, never is working say all.
He is weary ‘n’ exhausted, always standing tall.
He is no human, say so the worldly savages.
They do not repent, for they are fools to be.
I know him best, a soul contradictory to sages.
Loved for what he is, and he is me.

My everything

a poem by Angadh Singh

I love thee, for no reason
for no reason at all.
I adore thee, for no beauty
for no beauty at all.
I worship thee, for no faith
for no faith at all.
You might not be, my everything
not everything yet all.

At the sight of you

a poem by Angadh Singh

The wind blows strong,
at the very sight of you,
as though its only wish were,
to feel and caress you.
The rain pours down,
at the very sight of you,
only to drench you,
and feel you through.
The sun soars high,
at the very sight of you,
seems to be jealous dear,
of a heavenly beautiful you.
Why cant I renounce,
when even king of imps can,
what this world could give,
if I ever have you.

A hurt son’s prayer

a poem by Angadh Singh

I love you mama, the way you love me.
I love you dada, the way mama loves me.
Then won’t you please tell me,
what love is all about.
What bros and sisters are,
and what family is all about.
In times of distress,
when sad times are such,
to be among you all,
is a privilege I miss so much.

She’s ripped my heart out dada,
could you please mend it for me.
She’s made me weak mama,
won’t you please strengthen me.
You’ve given me all I have,
everything that I desired.
Now I’ve been shot by,
a bullet deliberately misfired.

I’m bleeding mama,
please come and sit beside me.
I really love you dada,
please won’t you hug me.
No god can ever be you,
you’re all that I need.
Craving for your love,
I lay down and bleed.

A disease they call “love”

a poem by Angadh Singh

A strong pair of legs,
just to run away from all that pain.

A mighty pair of hands,
I try to push memories down the lane.

Ten little fingers,
I keep pointing, accusing and blame.

Then a dirty brain,
it was given away to madness, turned insane.

A pair of watchful eyes,
to see all my dreams shatterin’.

And those huge ears of mine,
always compel to hear my heart breaking.

And a wretched tongue,
to taste all the defeat on earth.

Then a tender skin,
to feel all the hurt people give.

Finally this innocent little heart,
helpless and put down by all the rest.

Why oh lord did you make me human?
was it just to suffer from a disease they call