The Bell

a poem by Gowdhaman M

Every day the wind
For you.
The silence of the flower
And full of colours.
The smile and silence.
The fragrance.
So contained
The cyclone in the wind.
So gentle the air
Passes around.

The new flower every day.
The thoughts and flowers.
The memory
And a new song.
The flower conveys
With fragrance.
The passage of time.
The news and the bell.
Another new song.
The cuckoo bird in silence.

The budding little flowers.
The bushes and the garden.
The waiting clouds.
The new song again
In the heart.

The curtain.
The dawn.
Today again the sun.
The clouds move around.

The showers of rain
And lightning.
The silence of noble.
The wind and the music.
The cuckoo bird sings now.
Atop the bell Tower.
Trees around in bloom.
The branches in sway.
The grains are seeds.
The falls and the wind.
The dry leaves move around.
The moves and noble silence.