A New Dawn

a poem by Mabel Annie Chacko

Lie abed Earth’s grassy cradle
Bid welcome her embrace as you lay
Feel Mother Nature’s gentle caress
As she breathes life unto a new day.

Draw in the offering of her essence
Let it enfold you as you breath
The entrancing perfume of the blossoms
The aged aroma of the trees.

Gaze upon the canopy of heaven
Bear aloft your spirit to the sky
Stars parlous wink as night-tide yields
And Mother Earth lets go a sigh.

Herald in your heart a joyous song
Join the birds, sing melodically as one
Lifting their voices high and pure
In serenade to awaken the sun.

Cast aside your earth bound burdens
Sense that creation is yawning
Revel in the sun, glory in the gifts
Nature’s quickening, a new day dawning.