Poems by Aenugu Kishore Babu

Hovering Memories

a poem by Aenugu Kishore Babu

Hovering Memories
Not you afraid of war planes-
Hovering on your head?

A poor ostrich will do-
Except hiding it’s small head in sand heep?!

Am horrified – not by war planes-
By sweet memories!
Don’t laugh friend – Really, I am afraid of
Hovering memories!

Roll in Blanket – But, still they
Raise through brain – just like
Flames out of gasoline drum!

My – self out
Found my self on misty winter chill!

Of you,
Glows on the face of moon-
Your smile spreads and Drenches me with moon light
Like a Jumping, rabbit in bushes
I run in innocent joy!
At the birth of
New day, Horizon reflects my sleepless eyes!

Stretch my eyes thought the day
A piece of paper with two words!
Disappointed day hangs on the branch of dusk

Disgust, I pull-myself in Blanket!
The ghost of hope, starts hovering on head!
Again story repeats…

India Today

a poem by Aenugu Kishore Babu

India today is full of mire!
With tear and Wear!
The Flight of masses is rudderless
The Sight of the scene is ruthless!

See them flavoring the noodles with sand
See them poking in their own eyes and blind
See them robbing their own houses and running around!

Bullets singing the morning prayers for the deaths
Overflowing the canals with oozing blood
Cultivating the crops of Hatred and violence
It is the sight of ruthless Nightmare!
India today is full of mire and Nightmare!

Listen the rhythm for a new heaven
Over the steps of corpses
With the bricks of corpses!
The tragedy is beyond letters
Whatever I write is little it matters!

From the hidden layers of History
I sensed the undercurrents of Love
Through the Lotus Hearts of those days
It was perfumed the cent of brotherhood!
Wonder? The same place is full of draculas!
Opening their unknown mouths of communal flames!
Still, the hope is vying for blossom
Because, it is not a Barren Land!
For the Jasmines of Tomorrow
Let us forget the to day’s Sorrow!

India today is rudderless!
All we want it to be faultless!

Run (A) Way

a poem by Aenugu Kishore Babu

My dreams become aero planes.
Hovers to
Land – Yours electrifying eye lights
Shows the way.

I do not know
Suddenly, what makes your heart a forest?
What freezes?

When exhausted the fuel of hope
I crash lands to ashes!
On your memories!

At last
You have to bear my
Thoughts for forever!

Success Story

a poem by Aenugu Kishore Babu

A man
Always cannot be
Fascinated by
The breasts of Women
The bundles of currency notes
The seats of political power
And the Honors and gifts
He can be happy with
The success
In his way he met!

Beating the point

a poem by Aenugu Kishore Babu

My heart beats for my country!

I hate other’s caste
I cast horror on other’s chest
Hate is my passion

My heart beats for my country!

Donation means seat for education
Politics means way for self-sophistication
Religions made ghost of Ramaraj

My heart beats for my country!

We auction ideas for money
We bargain soul for greenery
We negotiate heart for dowry

My heart beats for my country!

Rich in resources
Big in appearances
“Mera Bharat Mahan’
I can amass bigger mass
When I place it in market place

My heart beats for my country!

To live Thousand Years and Beyond

a poem by Aenugu Kishore Babu

All I begged
Is an ounce of your smile!
To live
Thousand years and Beyond
To march
Through the dense forest of life

All I wished
Are the Ringing of your anklets!
The music
To vibrate the heart strings and melody
To live
Thousand years and beyond.

All I prayed
Is a beam of moon light from your eyes!
The cool breeze
Hissing the mystic silence and poems!
To live
Thousand years and Beyond

All I asked
Is a piece of your heart!
The mirror
To have the face lift of life!
To live
Thousand years and Beyond!


a poem by Aenugu Kishore Babu

You are dead!
Yes, you are really dead!

Like a rock – which had died
A thousand years ago
Like a river – which had dried
A hundred miles away!

The beauty lying in state
In the coffin of dry memories!
There is no meaning to state
In the dictionary of love stories!

All that remains is that sweet promise
‘will talk to you later’
All that now I do is to cry on it’s demise
As you walk to your altar!

The stars are twinkling for a clue
The Sky is as clear as blue
It is three days for the Jesus to come out
How many generations to get you right?

Oh Lord! Forgive me
You are ocean of compassion
Rock as heart, She
No where, near for comparison!

Laying beauty!
Dying story,

Let my tears roll on your rosy cheeks
which dragged me thousand miles
Let my tears jump on your ample bosom
which anchored my thousand dreams
Let my poems cry on your smiles
which poached my probing eyes
Let my words cry on your petal feet
Which kicked my life flat!

Let me drive this nail
In the coffin of memories
Let me sing at this funeral
The songs of one-way rhymes

With the sorrow
You never heard
With the love
you never spared
With the grief
you never briefed
With the peace
you never pleased

Triggering emotions a plenty
Still a still beauty!
Let me drive this last nail
Let it be unerased love Mail!

Love Potential

a poem by Aenugu Kishore Babu

You are a
Still Lake of Love – on

Hill of Beauty
Down, I am
Station with a Wow – on
The heel of creativity

As a great Orifice – leak
A pour of smile
The Poeto-electric Currents
Sets in phase
Through my heart turbine
unlimited craze!
Then enlightens-
The columns of Periodical houses
And a light of joy-
To the searcher of Book rooms

Donate – Your love potential
Keep this turbine always dutiful.