Poems published in June 2017

Your World

a poem by Patricia Dsouza

Take me into your world,
Where deepest pain is all curled!

All that appears from out of the mist,
Even as you resist.

Gentle hearts too fear.
But I will never fail of my purpose here.


a poem by Ameya .

This servitude eternal,
Bound by duty and faith,
I find hope fading, devoured by these, ordeals.
These trials,
Harbringers of all
That is ordained,
Also conduct terrible fate.
Dread comes,
For this bounding main
Of darkness,
Lies absolute.
Imploring for dilligence,
We are engulfed.


a poem by Pramila Kudva

The majestic snow covered mountains,
A symbol of peace and tranquility
Have undergone a transformation.
The echoing of the guns,
The air raid sirens,
The cry of the wounded
Reverberate through the air,
Pierce the stillness.

The young soldiers
Barely out of their teens
Appear tough in their uniforms.
A long line to place calls home
The conversation with the loved ones
Drop the façade.
Underneath lies the soft core,
In the wallet a photograph,
What is this battle all about?
Land, People…

A piece of land that stays,
People who move on,
Occupy only a rectangular space
Six feet by two!!