Poems published in June 2015

‘She’ – An Indian Woman

a poem by Sneh

‘She’ sacrificed her love… coz she had to marry the person of her ‘parents’ choice
‘She’ sacrificed her girly looks… coz she had to wear ‘Mangalsutra’ & Sindur for her ‘husband’
‘She’ sacrificed Her career… coz she had to look after her ‘children’
‘She’ sacrificed Her choices… coz the decisions of her life are taken by her husband/parents
‘She’ cooks for the family… but being a ‘bahu’ She is compelled to eat at the end
‘Her’ job-stressed husband shouts on Her
‘Her’ stubborn children don’t listen to Her
‘Her’ inlaws comments on Her
Still… She keeps on sacrificing
‘She’ is adored as Goddess Durga..
Definitely some power of Goddess lies within ‘her’
No normal human can make so many sacrifices
As ‘SHE’ makes…

Death Call

a poem by Alok Kumar Patnaik

Unfortunately, I feel a sense of Death,
Which knocked thinkin’ door ugly unnatural world,
I feel death like a rainbow scattering unhappiness,
Between happiness and unhappiness,
You’re thinkin’ and causing grief in human relations,
My life being a color and it don’t matter if you’re,
For such reasons unexplained beat it,
If you like my death call, you will be dead or
If you dislike my death call, you will be dead.

Guru Devo Bhava

a poem by Tirumala Swetha

When god thought to distribute,
Wisdom in all his creations
He thought and thought in deep solitude,
And then realised to make a teacher,
Teachers are angels who come from heaven,
To make us know about the subjects seven,
Teachers fill the knowledge
Till the brim of our brain,
They with their efficient guidance,
Make all bad qualities drain,
You have been a great preacher,
You have always encouraged us
You gave us good advises
Which will help us till our life ends…
Oh teacher! Oh teacher! What else should I say,
Be with us throughout the bay!!!

You and I

a poem by Avijeet Das

Brown wooden table
The hunchback of Notre Dame
Sun rays entered the glass window
Brightly shining and then blistering,
Angry with a turbulence unknown before
We fought, you and I,
And then, after we threw our phones
In our minds imagination
We reasoned we patched up
You and I
Green wooden table
Sun rays gliding through the glass window
Resplendently shining
Now with a subtle calm
With a serenity unknown
You and I

Silent Night

a poem by Avijeet Das

The night was silent
A rare ambiance
Of an unknown fragrance
The breeze glided a while
Amidst the starry night sky
The moon was in hiding
My love
I searched for the moon
Almost like a lunatic man
To carry my message
To you
That I miss you…

Your Feminity

a poem by Avijeet Das

Feminity for me
Was discovering you
When I took you for a ride
On my Bajaj Discover

Charming for me
Was talking to you
When you would call me
And I would call you
And we would talk
Till 3:00 am in the morning

Love for me is you
When I get blazingly angry
Almost raging like a mad bull
And you calm me down
With your patience and grace

Sometimes I wonder whether it all matters

a poem by Devaki Purohit

Sometimes I wonder whether it all matters
The efforts, the suffering,
The hopeful eyes;
The prayers, the pleads
All asking for better deals
When all it takes for the privileged few
Is a flick of a finger or the click of a call.
Life is unfair they mercilessly say
Yes, ‘they’ are the ones who have it all
And the ones on the other side just wait and watch
Not all are silent though
Discontent brews through and through
Challenging situations and status quo
Organizing, agitating and questioning the power flow
Being the eternal pessimist that I am
I revert to my earlier question whether it matters at all
Structures and misgivings are so deeply entrenched
Easier it is may be, even mountains to be moved
Beyond social action, revolution, subaltern theories and all such paradigms
Lies a higher emotion which has been furthered by many a wise man
My humble attempt is to repeat it here
Not to copy, ‘plagiarize’ or claim authority mere
It is of love, love for humanity, love for each other
Look beyond social constructions which are but external
Do we recognize it, do we realize it… we are all of the same flesh
Are we willing then to keep aside our egos, our ‘positions?’
And come together by the virtue of our very being.

Money makes the world go round

a poem by Devaki Purohit

Money makes the world go round
What am I searching for, what have I found?
An absolute truth is there any
Perspectives and opinions are so many
Positions, stands and histories
What is real and what are stories
Where the self, where is the public?
What does one choose and live by it
Theories over action or action over theories
Either choice will make you seem myopic
Living simply has become so difficult
Or is it our over thinking that makes it so unattainable
Is anything real or everything just an illusion?
Will life just go on?
Or will these vexations find some form…


a poem by Girish Elchuri

Uncertainty is killing
It’s very unforgiving
Making life confusing
Not sure of future that’s coming.

Uncertainty is a state of our mind
When no answers can be found
For the situations that are not sound
As desperation is taking over the ground.

Uncertainty is always there
Feeling that life is going nowhere
Bringing sadness that’s difficult to bear
Pouring problems onto in full gear.

Uncertainty is not certain always
It comes and goes in life as phases
Bringing periods of dark days
Surely, they will be testing times.

Uncertainty will face the defeat
When you refuse to bend at its feet
Having will power stronger than concrete
And the readiness to fight it and beat.

Uncertainty can surely be handled
Have positive thoughts fully loaded
With determination to face the grind
Praying with faith and hopes abound.

A New Song (From The Song of Solomon)

a poem by Miryam Sakeena Nahar

I stood at the window, crying
But no one came
I never saw you rushing

I stood at the window, waiting
The birds will come at least
I never saw you rushing
Promising me a feast

I stood at the window, alone
The birds never came
No one ever came
I never saw you standing, gazing

I stood at the window, alone
Every day, all alone
I never saw you peering
I never heard you saying ”Arise My love
My beautiful one, and come with me.”

I stood at the window, cold
But now, I see you rushing, You, Jesus, so bold
Now I see you peering, Now you are mine and I am yours
The winter is past
And the rains are over and gone

Dance with me, my Love, my Life
Dance with me
The Song of Life
The Song of Love
In the dawn of each and every moment.

Step of Faith

a poem by Miryam Sakeena Nahar

Climb to the top of the mountain
Every step He’ll be right there
Reaching out His arms of love
Reaching out His hand of care.

Do not be afraid to reach into thin air
His hand will be there, promising you He’ll never let go
Do not be afraid to step on ground you cannot see
He promises for you solid Rock He shall be.

Beloved, think not He’s waiting for you to reach out first
His loving arm is already extended
“Grace begins where human ability ends”
And there on the Cross your ability has ended.

Your right choices He has chosen before time began
Each wrong choice you would do, He has sorted
So take up your Cross,
Strengthened by His Grace and His Love only
You in Jesus dying daily.

And when you reach the final step
He’ll lift you up to the top of the mountain
His hand still placed in yours so faithfully
Each step you took having fought the good fight
Been true to the faith God placed in your heart
Not forgetting His yoke which made it so easy
And His burden which made yours so light.

And there at the top of the hill of the Lord you dance
The dance of Life in the arms of your Lord Jesus
Sealed in the song of each moment
And music to which Satan cannot listen.

Weather Blues II

a poem by Devaki Purohit

Tis is the weather for lovers
Of surreptitious glances
Hasty meetings
And secret dreams

Tis the weather for hot corn by the roadside
Of shared tea and much more
Two pairs of happy eyes dancing in the rain

Tis the weather for lovebirds
Hands lingering, lips quivering
Hearts leaping, dreaming of heaven on earth

Tis the weather for monsoon love
Drenched clothes and treacherous umbrellas
But not more than the pounding heart –
Drenched in mad passion and sinful desires

Tis the weather for togetherness
Of wild spirits and unconditional love
Of promises made and trust kindled

Tis indeed the weather to all the hues in a mundane day
To seek meaning where none exists
To be kinder than kindness itself
To be engulfed in the warmth and spread it further
And to finally be at home with someone!

A corrupt politician’s story

a poem by Godavari

An over sized coat, a pot belly,
Has no shame but lots of money.
A story from rags to riches, a very humble beginning,
A leader with a massive following.
He charged a commission for his misdeeds
Passing a tender, flouting norms which he could easily supersede.
Soon his wealth and arrogance swelled, from zero to 1 leading 10 zeros
As a leader his morals plummeted down to a zero.
A scam or two did not matter,
All charges against him were ripped to tatters.
A Swiss account, a swanky car, a vacation abroad
He got away with one too many frauds.
Soon his luck ran out,
He was going to jail without any doubt.
The media haunted him, people taunted him
His bulb fused out, his future was dim.
He was behind bars without bail
The rest of his life was spent in jail.
Soon death arrived without a warning
He went to Hell groaning.
God asked ‘O immoral soul, where is the wealth you were given?
Did it help you to go to heaven?’
‘No’ said the wretched soul as he cried loudly
‘I was a fool to think I could get anywhere with my money’.