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‘She’ – An Indian Woman

a poem by Sneh

‘She’ sacrificed her love… coz she had to marry the person of her ‘parents’ choice
‘She’ sacrificed her girly looks… coz she had to wear ‘Mangalsutra’ & Sindur for her ‘husband’
‘She’ sacrificed Her career… coz she had to look after her ‘children’
‘She’ sacrificed Her choices… coz the decisions of her life are taken by her husband/parents
‘She’ cooks for the family… but being a ‘bahu’ She is compelled to eat at the end
‘Her’ job-stressed husband shouts on Her
‘Her’ stubborn children don’t listen to Her
‘Her’ inlaws comments on Her
Still… She keeps on sacrificing
‘She’ is adored as Goddess Durga..
Definitely some power of Goddess lies within ‘her’
No normal human can make so many sacrifices
As ‘SHE’ makes…