Poems published in October 2014

Symphony of Lights

a poem by Satheesan Rangorath

I want to feel.
Feel life raw,
blended to nature.
I stand alone,
flowing my senses.
I see beauty everywhere.
Each creature touches me,
teaches me.
I open my eyes.
Gape with awe.
Feel each heart beat,
the rhythm of life.
I am a part too.
I wish to cry.
Love to smile.
Laugh rollick.
Every sound is music to my ears
I shut my eyes humming a melody
I see night sky,
Litter with stars.
Moon wades in clouds.
Somewhere is a planet,
may be life ticks there too.
What a beautiful arena it is.
I wish I could flow, fly.
Flow my heart,
my love to all.
Light every heart a wick.
A spec of light,
dancing in each soul,
a dance of hope for all,
a song of compassion,
a long hug merges into heart beats.
Notating a symphony of lights and shades.

V Sitaram

a poem by Jacob Jamesraj

‘Tiger’ Chole and Queen’s English;
Braided silk smoothened in oil;
We the registrars and our gibberish,
Refining ourselves thro’ all the turmoil.

Looks down at us above the lens
And the specs travels up his nose;
With direction, plan and sense
His finger tip perfecting the pose.

Measured steps of simple elegance
Treading down the silken trail
Oh the man and his mends
One of chosen o’ the CMC grail.

As he trudged with fire and scalpel
All our ides he sewed with ease.
Taught us practice and its principle
So we could all our patients please!

To hold, he taught us
To sew and knot!
Crisp, curt without much fuss
In all what we ought.

And more than cutting and the sewing
As life’s curly paths we trod
Along our slow learning and knowing
Was his firm directional prod.

For this and those and ever so many
Cuts and bruises and slices fair
That trimmed and polished and made us shiny
Can anyone be less thankful, I dare.

Altho’ he would ne’er e’er celebrate
Love or his Love’s refrain a day;
Pearl harbor he said was fate!
And to all questions the answer was Nay!

On a day drunk with work
Chandy, he, sleep and I
Loosened a neuron in his quirk
As he with honesty got high.

Stories of love rattled away
In the deep desk of Palace Café
The clinical pathologist and her sway
A tiny peep, you might say!

And in the end in all our lives
For what we stand and what we are
As we travel those many miles
We carry a little bit of VSR!

The Spiritual Path

a poem by Gitanjali Mitra

Life is a Pilgrimage
Each passing day a prayer
God cares for us
He is always there
It’s time to become selfless
To serve humanity
To care for nature
To follow the spiritual Path


a poem by Gitanjali Mitra

Nothing happens until you take a courageous decision
Courage is the key to success
It’s the will that will take you to greater heights
To do the impossible
And not dreams or stress
Take an initiative
Take the right decision
And you will become what you want to be
To achieve greater goals
To do something for the world
To become a good human being
That’s what one should be

The Green Breeze

a poem by Gitanjali Mitra

The Green Breeze blows gently on the mountains
The cool water comes out of the fountains

The Green Field is covered with fruits and flowers
The farmer waits for the monsoon showers

The rain comes down with shiny droplets
The poet in me wants to write a few couplets

If this isn’t heaven
Where else can it be
When God wants something so shall it be

I die…

a poem by Rohan Subba

I’m laid on a cold hard ground,
But, I can’t feel the coldness!
I’m garlanded by a colourful flowers,
But, I can’t smell its perfumed scent!

I see myself, covered in a white shroud,
A crowd and a holy man in his chants…
I see my family, friends and relatives
To whom I exchange no words or action.

Mother is wailing at the corner in tears
Father is in misery and in hidden tears!
They have been deglorified and lost…
The world is getting bleak, dark and grey.

The regular tune of violin is no more heard
But, the only sound of chants and the bugles.
I see my ‘blue phone’ kept on the table, ring
Nobody to receive and keeps ringing by and by…

Finally, I’m lowered to a pit covered in grasses,
Exposing my lean, five feet body of flesh and bones
The heaps of stones, pebbles and mud kept nearby,
They shower it all over my body and lastly, the face.

Now, I see no moonlight or the early sunshine…
As, my only bodily senses are all lost and buried.
It isn’t those daily dreams, that I get up again…
But, a permanent resting place of peace… death!


a poem by Rohan Subba

Where is thy humane, of yesteryear?
The world so tyrannical, at its fall!
‘Golden heart’ of compassion so sacred
Lay buried down now, past the long ages.
The scriptures of ‘Vedas’ and the hymns,
Unsanctified, deglorified and unsung
Devotion to a ‘Deity’ and its belief, so bleak
Almost at its nadir, down the trodden path.
Girls of tender ages, victimized and raped,
By the men so, fickle-minded to the very core.
And, the heinous murder at the next door
The world in a drizzle of thick blood and tears!
The roar of the artillery… in high frequency,
Shredding down the victims barbarously!
Ripped apart into desolation by the same species,
Into the wilderness… inhabited and infertile!
Today shall be read tomorrow as a history
Human’s epic journey and its downfall!
The world will rise in tranquility and in its fertility,
When we start it all over again!

Dilemma of Eternity

a poem by Alok Mishra

Rising Sun is shadow of truth,
Selfless devotion to humankind!
Human trapped in lust and mirth
With will enormous and path so blind.

With service, the Sun rises;
And serving sinks in ‘Ocean’.
Guns and cannons roar as their prizes
Of eternal walks to unfathomed ‘Horizon’.

After rain, selflessly he shines
Giving their carcasses some warmth;
Busy are their hands – drawing new lines
Of gloom, sorrows, death and the Holy wrath!

Eternal Sun rises, shines and sinks
With hope that tomorrow is someday new…

Mangalyaan (Voyage to Mars)

a poem by Satheesan Rangorath

It is alright how we came.
But one cannot deny our presence.
We are in the Mars club.
found our way ahead in a bicycle!
No one helped us to be here.
It is our Vedic skills,
made way for cosmic dreams.
If you like it or not,
we made our entry silently.
We may have used a bullock cart,
a buffalo for our space ship.
Cow dung as fuel.
Does it matter?
It is not to conquer Mars.
Just to be there to do our bit.
Entire universe is a puzzling mystery.
The more we are in,
the more we entangle in the puzzle.
Depth is so deep.
Neither end is seen nor beginning.
But there is hope.
Hope in and for humanity.
Please wear your DESIGNER HATS
We wear our turbans.
Please do cartooning,
But do not mock at us in a cartoon.
It is not for mockery but for good taste.
Let us do something,
useful for humanity.
Not to make a Nuclear winter out of greed.
We chant a hymn.
a mantra that reaches beyond galaxies.
A couplet for our liberation.
Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti.
(Peace on us, Peace on us ,Peace on us)

Unheard Feelings

a poem by Annapurna Krishjeev

When people said, it’s raining
I wondered if it was raining
When people said, it’s sunny
I wondered if it was sunny

When people said, it’s cold
I wondered if it was cold
From my memory I unfold
The story that I never told

Through the window I see
The little boy play with glee
With his arms spread apart
Hugging father sky’s heart

And each drop, when it fell
His cheeks, they both swell
His lips wore a tender smile
His happiness spread a mile

Staring the fields it was a fun
All crops swung along the sun
They turned from east to west
As if groping for mama’s breast

At night, I heard birds cuddle
Sharing their wings and huddle
All the siblings slept together
Promising to separate never

These gentle family knots
And their lovely thoughts
To understand them, I fail
In this lonely juvenile jail

Lucifer and the Angel

a poem by Alok Mishra

‘Beseech thee, pardon my soul,
Let me go, O’ Lucifer!’
Groaned the angel in fangs of death,
Trust there melts; remains no faith.
Calm white attire
Confronted the dark,
Silence of the ‘liar’
She could now hark.
‘Give me your soul,
Or I myself should take?
Better make no howl,
My territory, it is death lake…’
Commanded the evil might
With hands raised
In authority to pluck her soul away.
Ah! Horrible sight,
Nothing the angel said
And could feel nothing but dismay!
‘What bad I did to you?’
Suddenly she asked.
The devil spread his masculine wings,
Laughed, and in her helplessness,
Like the savage beast, he basked.
‘Causes are for goodness,
No cause to bad.
Death is the truth!
Better be not sad…’
With words of pride
Lusty with shallow wisdom,
He put his right hand upon her neck.
Suddenly the angel faded
Like the time wrapped in sand.
The devil now wondered
With his empty hand.
A horrible loud voice:
“There is LIGHT,
The Authority of universe.
Darkness is not endowed
To bring goodness or adverse
In the world.”


a poem by Sayali Joshi

Dreams are the ones which we all see
Try to fulfill it, using efforts as a master key

Not all dreams will get fulfilled
But that dosen’t mean, it’s your defeat

See a dream with a positive thought
Make it your new aim and give your best shot

A Dream Walker

a poem by Satheesan Rangorath

In my solitude of life,
mind tries to walk the talk.
Flutter of images flock in,
flooding valley of silence.
I hear your foot fall,
softly on loose sand.
I listen to your feet tap.
It comes nearer and nearer.
I close my eyes.
My mind shuts down,
from all sounds of earth.
Sudden quiver of wings.
All my chatters flew away.
I await your presence.
your talk, walks in me.
I fall into your silence.
Your action in silence,
and silence in action,
Makes me walk!
I walk along with you
A dream walker!

A nobody

a poem by Satheesan Rangorath

Today I heard a unique sound.
Then I got a small letter,
a tiny cute alphabet of grace.
I kept it hiding in my mind.
I wonder what to do with it?
As time passed by; it glowed.
I blew air and fire by bellows.
It hardened,
turned into a diamond.
I tried to break it into pieces,
Cut to size.
Nothings worked.
I sharpened edges,
by my thoughts.
Yes I managed it.
Now it talks to me,
in clear clarity, cut and carat.
I opened my pen of mind.
I can see a flow of words.
I look so tiny at its feet.
Who created Niagra falls?
With a sigh I put my signature.


a poem by Sayali Joshi

Mumbai, the city of dream
In problems, it stands up as one team

The city welcomes everyone
Glamor in it attracts anyone

Here, life is very fast
On Occasions all have a blast

Here, all are in hurry
In crowd people forget their worry

The city also has its dark side
Still people continue to reside…