Poems by
Satheesan Rangorath

Thoughts of Earth

a poem by Satheesan Rangorath

From millenniums and millenniums back,
I was a molten mass of a grand imagination,
Who had created an egg containing universe.
Time travelled enough to cool down planets.

One day I took birth from the womb of time.
Slowly life ticked and tackled into full bloom.
Seasons arrived in different lively forms.
Flora and fauna tuned and toned the nature.

Every creature made and makes history daily.
They left their DNA on each cell of my body.
Every inch on my body was explored and excavated,
Ploughed, pounded, mined and stampeded.

Dinosaurs implanted their stretch marks on my body.
Now extinct they live in the annals of past wild remoteness.
Humans infested every nook and corner.
Each lived and lives here on me as if on their ownership.

Tamed animals used to their advantage and slaved,
Killed and fed them with cruelty, Plundered, invaded,
And looted, treasure hunted every bit of my bosom.
I was happy to feed my children with ambrosia of my love.

But still I have my infinite treasure trove uncovered.
Those are the invaluable diamonds that I gave birth.
Who will live forever more because they are the salts of the earth
Seize not my treasures from me because they are my mighty hopes.
I am too great to crawl at your feet, rather would get melted again.