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An Ode to Virat Kholi

a poem by Gladstone Leslie Samuel

Patriotism personified by the Indian tricolour on his blue coat
As a captain, he commands respect without any fiat
Ownership is his mantra and never wastes time to find a scapegoat
Commitment is an integral trait manifested by his overflowing sweat
Failures are a part of his success story but gracious in defeat

A timely pat on the back for his team members makes him a suave diplomat
Cricket fans will love to lose sleep and food since his batting is a sublime treat
Batting is his forte which bowlers consider as a potential threat
Seldom does he loses his composure, but a behaves likes a bureaucrat
His demeanour despite the heat is always very neat

Once on the ground, his mood is one of mortal combat
When he is the middle the team is like a smooth sailing boat
Like a leopard on the prowl, his focus on the field is always upbeat
When he gets dismissed many of us miss a heartbeat

Records and accolades accomplished by him are no mean feat
No wonder we can expect him to add many more feathers to his hat
Most of us would pray and wish his stellar actions repeat