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Ramesh Katchabeswaran

a poem by Jacob Jamesraj

Ramesh Katchabeswaran is his name
Of gentleness and meekness is his fame
Doesn’t mean he’s not in the game
His talent impresses man and dame

Orphan Anne eyes of passion
Drives all to perfection in compassion
Ides and deductions in his impression
Guides knives and scalpel with no digression

Cells and patterns all of yore
Even classification that are no more
Through all the ravages of time
All pathology knowledge that sublime

His accuracy to deduce and guide
All his students by his side
And neurofibrillary tangle of a smile
That beats the alligator of the Nile

Thou we shan’t forever forget
In all our cerebrums you are set
In thankfulness we remember anew
With tear and love we bid adieu!
With tear and love we bid adieu!