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A cobbler’s pain

a poem by Pawan Bakhshi

Per day on his back
Load his shop
That town comes from the village
May be a strong sunshine or a rainstorm
Inherited from
Bigger than his age
Gives relief
His umbrella

Wife’s disease
Son’s education
Every moment rises
Daughter’s wedding concerns
Or even today’s evening ration
All the worries in the brain
Between leather clippings
Old age cobbler

The remaining strength in the shattered tone
Puts one shoe to polish
And looking at shining shoes
Thinks, that this pair of one pair of shoes
More than the cost of my shop

What is happening in this city
Who is the leader
Who looted
Who’s the badness of whom
Unaware of all of these
He is happy in his work
The old man remained silent
And then surprised at that time
When his shop is (in the box)
Someone threw it on the road
Executioners of this act
Were not terrorists
They were the enemy of encroachment
Employees of municipality

His arrogance
See his eyes
Maybe it did not even imagine it
His imagination
See his eyes
Maybe it did not even imagine it
His re: imagination
To save
To save his world again
Scattered clippers on the road
The old cobbler was collecting those
And was thinking
His eyes were filled with tears
Eye lifted and he saw
Rich were enlarged to the road