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Life during Covid

a poem by Neha Sahni

With this new year
A new journey was started
With path full of memories, crises and awaiting future surprises

Last year, surely was a mess
And thought this new year will be with less stress

Those who were with family, wanted to be alone
And those who were alone had craved for home

First three months went fine
As compared to last year that was full of headlines

People were getting ready to play their normal tune
While offices and school were planning to resume

Shopping malls, cinema halls were allowed
With a condition to wear mask when in crowd

Then this boom, fondly called second wave came
Along with lot of panic, destruction and never ending blame game

Ambulances running on road round the clock
Leaving the entire nation in a state of shock

People are dying in queue, as hospitals are out of bed
And they are still in queue as crematoriums are out of shed

Bodies getting pilled up and thrown as if they were never alive
No matter he is your son but you still can’t do the last rites

We all, kind of end our day in fear
And pray to erase this year

Dear god, we have lost all our strength and can no more bear this pain
We all want to live and love our life again