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Musings of a Theophile – on getting recommendation

a poem by Push2cool

When seeking a saviour frantically,
Professional relations often become taut,
Ask a favour to your family,
Good memories come to a naught.

To the point of being frazzled,
Mend the bridges built badly.
But family won’t be dazzled,
As they suffer no fools gladly.

My father was a bigot,
Demanding intelligence and hard work.
So, nirvana at the turn of spigot,
I promised with a smirk.

My mother was loving,
Suffocating in her tenderness.
That I preferred skiving,
In periods of unruliness.

My sister was a nemesis,
At the hallowed school.
I regretted my genesis,
With someone so uncool.

Why need a recommendation?
Obviously, to give my career a lift,
From someone with connection,
Dispensing it as a gift.