The Unsurpassed Unison

a poem by Christuraj Alex

Sunflower has yellow, orange, bronze, ruby red,
Lotus and roses have varying colors too;
The universe moves in its patterned rhythmic thread,
Bond of God and beings is harmonious true…

God the purest wisdom, knowledge, understanding,
Atman, the self is Brahman or Godhead highest;
Thou art That Essence and existence abounding,
I am God; divine; part of the truth unbiased…

The bond amid the being and the supreme God,
Udalak Aruni tells his son, Thou art That;
The scent of a flower in quality not flawed,
And God is never defined neither this nor that…

‘Tat’ the vital reality and ‘Ivam’ the self,
As cloth and the thread or flesh and the blood mingled;
As the body and breath as a celestial elf,
Each atom and particle Tat-Tvam principled…

As drop in an ocean or ocean and the drop,
As syrup in nectar or nectar and syrup;
God in being or being in God; hill or top,
The human being in the Absolute ends up…

I being Tat-Tvam and abiding with beings,
Reciprocity with humanity is innate;
If Absolute is in all, love be in dealings,
God-filled the world; none and nothing ever to hate.