The Lessons of Life from Baba’s Temple

a poem by Padmini Devkumar

The fragrance of incense permeates the atmosphere,
Chasing away doubts, anxiety and fear;
The temple’s positive, divine vibrations,
Energises the Mind Body Spirit and Sensations.
Along with a coconut, camphor and a garland on string,
Our prayers and aspirations to Baba we bring,
Melodious bajans with bakthi we sing.
Hari Om! Hari Om! chime the temple bells,
Be good, be kind, be loving- it tells;
The holy curative Vibuthi,
Reminds man of his ultimate destiny.
The auspicious Kum Kum, Turmeric and scented Sandal paste,
Exhort us our time not to waste
To walk the spiritual path and be chaste.
The bitter bitter Neem,
The sweet sweet Tulsi,
Have qualities and properties
To benefit all humanity.
These marvellous plants to Man appeal,
To work for all’s welfare, empathise and feel
And not just be bothered about the next meal.
The versatile camphor
Reminds us that in a flash life will be over.
Life is blood, sweat and tears
So turn to Baba for succor.
The temple comforts, restores and rejuvenates,
So divinise your life and shape your fate,
The glittering lamp’s bright flame
Burns away all guilt and shame,
Illumines Baba’s glorious face
Teaches lessons of growth and grace!
Remember Baba’s ELEVEN sayings,
Walk on the path of progress unworried about hell or heaven,
With Baba as your Margabandu,
Fulfillment, Peace, Laughter, Joy and Abundance await you!!

bajans=songs in praise of god
vibuthi=sacred ash
kumkum, turmeric and sandal paste=auspicious powders
tulsi=holy basil
Eleven=well known promises of Baba
margabandu=companion in the journey of life