A Prayer to Kuan Yin

a poem by Charishma Jaikishin Ramchandani

Dear Mother Kuan Yin, Goddess of Compassion,
Pouring unconditional love, out of a vase, into every being of creation
Creating supportive environments, that foster self-expression,
Gifting tranquility to me, and empowering good action!

Oh slender Goddess, in flowing white robes,
Holding a lotus in the left hand, in the right, a dove
Covered by, a veil pristine white,
Adorned with ornaments, golden and bright!

Worshiped with the traditional “pai pai”,
“Brightness of True Dharma”, whose love to keep is mine
Free from pride or vengefulness,
Forgiving wrong-doers who call Thy name…
Such is Thy gracefulness!

Oh “light” for the blind, “shade” for the weary,
“Remedy” for the ill, “stream” for the thirsty
Oh “guide” for all beings in hell,
A “father and mother” for those who suffer, they tell!

Appearing in the sky or on waves,
As a young maiden, in danger, who is there to save
Catching bombs, covering ’em with your white garment,
Not letting ’em explode, and rain upon the world torment!

Patron saint of barren women,
Protector of farmers, sailors, merchants, craftsmen, criminals and fishermen,
“The One Who Hears The Cries Of The World And Comes”,
and leads all into enlightenment (to the “Pure Land” of Salvation)
Female representation of the Indian Avalokiteswara, noble and kind,
With powers of fertility, healing, health and magic, wondrously divine!

Dearest Merciful Redemptress, honoured by purple candles and sandalwood incense,
Please grant me a glimpse, of my spiritual place
Too long I’ve been deprived, of the light,
Please show me the path, that’ll set things right!