Winter Winds

a poem by Rohith Kumar Bejjala

I love the winter chilling winds
That swings with long nights and short day plays
Feeling warm under the woolen jackets and blankets
Having hot tea with the treat of whispering shivers
When the day blooms
Dewdrops glitter on the petals of lovely flowers

These are the long nights that make magic with shining stars
Whitey fog tries to stop the bobbling headlights of cars
I feel the dance of droplets on the window panes

A campfire on the ground with tiny wooden pieces
Rubbing my freezing palms
Feeling the copious fire
Listening soothing cracking sound around my bound
My body craves to touch the rays of the sun

I go on a walk with my cute little dog in that thick white fog
I write my name on a glass pane
Haaa voooooo, huh huu
Shivering, shivering
It’s the rhythm from my mouth
Waiting for the sun for mirth