Finite and the incredible

a poem by Gowdhaman M

Time ever changing like streams running
The time varying
Huge, high, great and earthly
Ever trying to attain
In the hot sun too the sea blue

Not neophyte to see the blue
Converting the light for ever
As it comes down, the energy
So dual in time, the spectrum wide
Small and big the ranges and waves
Still I see the light and look back
I see light again

Also obstacles opaque and transparent media
So hard, so light
The incredible and the facts
The earth now a living planet
Matter in so many forms all true
Farther you see and does have no end
Boundaries visible and finite
To think the finite
Or to become thoughtless and silent
Matters of reality definitely finite

The evidence of light and planets
The evolution man knowing and the bounds of time
And atoms finite and molecules millions
Condensation and synthesis and growth

Even now the water drops condense
The clouds still rain
Man so evolved still
Exploring the limits and boundaries
You find planets, stars in space
The merging of wave lengths and fusion
Still different matters, take shape and colours
As atoms and molecules
And plants green and planets
And the little flowers are colourful
The beauty of nature as nature presents