My Prayer to Thee O Lord

a poem by Benna Rao Goli

Lend your ear O Lord! My prayer to Thee,
For give me as from good deeds I did flee;
Now I’m forsaken to enjoy the heavenly glee,
As never I kept O Lord Your decree.

Before Your sanctuary let my knee bend,
For most of my time in vain I did spend;
With Your grace my way I shall mend,
No more I like to move round and pretend.

Make my heart Your dwelling place,
That no more shall I’ve evil race;
And for Your glory anything I’ll face,
Never more I offend You and bring disgrace.

My Lord, make a right start,
Mend and mould my mind, make me smart;
Never shall I, then, Your ways depart,
I can’t stand anymore from being apart.