Travelogue – I

a poem by Ramesh T A

Just after education one can be nothing but novice only;
One has to know about the world to survive in one field.
First experience in life has a lasting impression in mind
That only decides about one’s future course of action here.

Configuration of world, dream and heart is a must for one;
Or else one searches what one seeks to get satisfaction in life.
To live natural life, travel helps to overcome mechanical life
As world serves as encyclopaedia to unravel many enigmas!

Knowledge helps one to ascertain the right course of life;
But only by intelligence one can choose the right course; yet
Without wisdom knowledge and intelligence are inadequate
To decide about the future course of action one has to pursue!

Business like air travel to places won’t satisfy one’s desire;
Train or ship travels give chances to see and fulfill one’s dream!
Education makes one a book worm but not a man of the world;
And so, travels only provide opportunities to know the world.

Educational institutions under take excursion programmes for all
To see the wonders of the world that inspire to achieve such feats!
All graduates should be allowed free to see historical places; and
International organisation should allow all to see world wonders!

Best travelogues produce vicarious pleasure to any ardent reader!
Egypt transports our minds to the splendour of the past civilisation
And makes us wonder at its richness, beauty, medicine, astronomy!
Istanbul tells about Byzantium, Constantinople, Sofia Church-Mosque!