a poem by Siddharth Bhattacharya

I wish you all good night
I wish you all good night
Do you want to know my plight
My night is fright night

There are no ghouls around me
There is no ghost haunting me
Its my room-mate’s nasal anarchy
You guessed it, he’s a snoring porky!!

A week since I have moved to this house
And by no means we are each other’s spouse
Every night he snores down the house
While hide in the quilt like a mouse

There is no place safe in this building
Its like a game of cricket where elephants are fielding
My efforts of waking him up are unyielding
Let me try to wake the Gods with some pleading

What to do when the room mate’s like him
Stopping his blowing trumpet- chances look dim
Which implies- chances for somnolence is slim
Some day I’m going to murder him (Do not take it seriously)

The only way to Nirvana that I adore
No way I’m gonna stop this noisy boar
As he sleeps and starts with his chore
I’ll be snoring with him in-tune with his snore

It’s a simple case of adaption
The only way to bear this commotion
Is to play along in this game
Simple… If you can’t stop them- join them